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Superman: Unbound picture

Factual error: When Braniac's robot probe enters the atmosphere over Arizona, fighter jets attempt to shoot it down by hitting it with missiles. The pod is still going fast enough to be on fire from reentry. A missile could not have caught up to an object going that fast. (00:11:30)

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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa picture

Continuity mistake: When Alan drops his driving gloves on the way out of the board meeting, the way they're arranged on the floor changes between shots.

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Coherence picture

Continuity mistake: A few minutes after Lee puts a bandage on Hugh's forehead, it disappears completely in one shot (as does the cut it was covering), before reappearing a moment later, but in a different position.

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Broken City picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Billy is called to the crime scene of Andrews' murder, Andrews' body is shown with a wound on his chest. Later in the movie though, Billy is questioning Todd Lancaster. Todd Lancaster says that he saw Andrews get shot in the head. (00:52:00 - 01:25:00)

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Epic picture

Continuity mistake: As in most movies I've seen where size is a main factor, the animators did not pay much attention to scale. In the scene where the main character leads the leaf people to her father's house, she is jumping and lands on the thinnest pencils I've ever seen. They have the width of the pencil smaller than her foot. However later on, it is shown that a push pin is almost the size of her body.

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Safe Haven picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough are in the row boat, it starts to rain so they rush to shore. They huddle under a tree and you can see behind them that the rain is only falling right around them - only slightly further away on the lake there are no rain drops hitting the water.

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The World's End picture

Other mistake: One of the three girls swallows the wedding ring and later it's retrieved by pulling it out of her stomach, but earlier in the fight in the toilet when the boy's head came off, there were no pipes or tubes connecting the head to the stomach.

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Snitch picture

Continuity mistake: When The Rock is putting early in the movie he is on the phone, when the shot comes back to the room the putting green is missing. (00:01:50)

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Straight A's picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie Ryan Phillippe is in a hospital bed with oxygen connected to his nose. When Anna Paquin reaches over to touch his cheek it is gone.

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Stranded picture

Revealing mistake: When the doctor intercoms the colonel because he cannot get into the medical room for the pregnant woman having nightmares, the camera shows the bridge intercom, which is simply the back end of a desktop computer with a couple of knobs stuck on it.

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Killing Season picture

Factual error: This film takes place in the north eastern USA. During the beautiful scene with the large black bird soaring above, they added a close up of an Andean Condor. The Andean Condor only lives in South America; Peru, Argentina, Chile, etc.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone picture

Continuity mistake: Right before Gray gets his cheekbone broken, he moves his tongue and grabs his nose mockingly. From the side angle he is not grabbing his nose.

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2 Guns picture

Factual error: The door handles on the Challenger are the wrong handles for all makes of the Challenger in the 70s.

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Europa Report picture

Factual error: In this relatively low-budget but extremely well-produced 2013 science fiction film, a 6-man crew travels from Earth to Europa (one of the moons of Jupiter) to search for traces of life in the vast oceans beneath Europa's icy surface. One of the astronauts dies in-transit, leaving 5 crewmembers to complete the mission. When the large "Europa One" interplanetary spacecraft arrives at its destination, all 5 surviving crewmembers descend in a small landing craft to the moon's surface, leaving the Europa One spacecraft in orbit, totally unmanned. This is an inconceivable factual blunder. The narration plainly states that this mission picked up where manned lunar missions of the 1970s left off; so, many of the same protocols are in place. Just so, no manned space mission would ever abandon the primary space vehicle in orbit, placing the mission at risk by sending the entire crew down together in a landing party. At least two astronauts should have remained aboard the orbiting Europa One just in case the landing mission went sideways (as it does in this film).

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Assassins Tale picture

Revealing mistake: Anthony turns on Jason and shoots him. Jason dies on his feet and falls to the floor. Even after some time passes in the scene, there is no blood around his body at all. (01:16:40)

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Labor Day picture

Factual error: Towards the end of the movie, when the escaped convict gets captured, there is a new style California license plate on the rear of one of the police cars. This film takes place in New Hampshire in the 1980s.

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The Makeover picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film when Hannah goes to Elliot's house to make up with him, she parks her Volvo SUV directly in front of the door. In fact, the car is visible behind her when she enters the home. Then when she leaves after they argue, she has to walk pretty far up the street to her car, giving him time to catch her.

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Bhaag Milkha Bhaag picture

Factual error: The bikes used in film are Enfield Classics, which were introduced in 2010 and not available in 1960 or 1947. The engines are visible in 2 scenes (when young Milka meets his sister for first time in Delhi and when Milka rides to see his old home when in Pakistan) and are AVL engines, not the cast iron engines in 1950s bikes.

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The Book Thief picture

Other mistake: Liesel goes to live with Papa and Mama in 1937, and starts attending school. About half way through the movie, 1942, Mama goes to school to tell her that Max was okay. Liesel is still sitting in the same chair and with the same teacher as in 1937, and the kids around her have not changed a bit.

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Atlantic Rim picture

Continuity mistake: As the movie ends, the heroes walk from the trashed red robot towards the ambulance & trucks, and the woman sitting in the ambulance has a blanket over her shoulders, then there's no blanket, then it's on her knees, then her shoulders, then it's gone...

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