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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End picture

Revealing mistake: When Jake is being tied up, he's holding his hands up to make it easier for the cannibal to tie up. Also when they drag him out of view, he's holding his head up so it doesn't drag the ground, although he's supposed to be unconscious during all this.

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Planet Terror picture

Revealing mistake: When the zombies are eating the intern in the hospital, you can see one of his ribs move as if it were made out of rubber. (00:51:20)

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The Insatiable picture

Revealing mistake: Sean Patrick Flanery plays a nerd who has trapped a female vampire in a cage. About 3/4 of the way into the movie, he tricks a co-worker into visiting, planning to feed him to her. He extends his right arm through the bars, and she starts to caress and kiss it, then begins to bite it and suck his blood. When he tries to withdraw, she tears off his arm at the shoulder. But in the next shot, he and Flannery both hit the floor outside the cage, and the co-worker's right arm is visible. However, when the scene begins, both Flanery and the co-worker are wearing watches on their left wrists, and in the shot of them on the floor, both have watches on the right, suggesting that the image has been reversed.

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Shooter picture

Revealing mistake: When the police dog wants to attack Swagger and bites the cop instead, it's obvious the cop wears thick protection under his coat sleeve. (01:03:20)


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Next picture

Revealing mistake: When Cris drives his car over the railroad crossing, the CGI locomotive which passes subsequently lacks a fuel tank which is usually between the two sets of wheels.

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Death Sentence picture

Revealing mistake: When Billy is looking at Nick's driver's license, for sex it says F for female.

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The Hitcher picture

Revealing mistake: The opening shot of the movie shows a rabbit hopping up from the bank of a road and then being hit by a car. You can, however, tell that the rabbit is not real because as it moves up the bank, none of the grass moves as the rabbit bounces through it. (00:01:05)

Hamster Premium member

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The Bourne Ultimatum picture

Revealing mistake: Right at the start, when all the police cars skid to a halt, there are tyre marks on the ground from previous takes. (00:00:30)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Disturbia picture

Revealing mistake: When Kale and his father are hit by the red truck at the beginning of the movie, a rectangular hole can be seen in the trunk where the spare tire is, obviously not for the tyre itself or made by the crash. (00:04:25)


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They Wait picture

Revealing mistake: At 39:55, actress Jaime King gets out of the shower, and she has just reached for her robe, and then on the bottom right corner of your screen you can see a bit of the flesh-colored body suit she's wearing. Continue to 40:00 where you see it again. Continue to 40:05-40:09 where you can see it, without slowing or stopping frame. (00:39:55)

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The Mist picture

Revealing mistake: At the start when the tree falls through the window, it's been pushed through the window horizontally. Since it does no damage around the window as you would certainly expect from a tree falling through an arc. (00:01:20)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Hitman picture

Revealing mistake: After "Do you want to die with dignity" all hitmen drop their magazines of blanks.

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We Own the Night picture

Revealing mistake: When Joseph goes to pick up the prisoner, there's a close-up of the paperwork; the prop is something recycled, or perhaps a real prison movement slip with Alex Veadov's picture stapled on, because the character's name is Vadim Nezhinski, a white Russian, but the documents say "Anderson, Robert", with a B (Black) for race. (01:09:45)

Sammo Premium member

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The Deaths of Ian Stone picture

Revealing mistake: During Ian's double-kill moment in the morgue, you can see the prosthetics on his chest crease once he drops to his knees for the fatal blows. (01:14:00)

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