The Hitcher

Revealing mistake: The opening shot of the movie shows a rabbit hopping up from the bank of a road and then being hit by a car. You can, however, tell that the rabbit is not real because as it moves up the bank, none of the grass moves as the rabbit bounces through it. (00:01:05)

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Revealing mistake: When Jim and Grace are driving along in the stolen sheriff car, away from all the police cars and Ryder, the car's back window is shot and completely shatters and fragments. Yet in a following shot we see Jim look into the rearview mirror, and he gets a clear view of behind. The back window was shattered and cracked however, so he shouldn't have got that nice clear view. (00:50:20)

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John: How long you been fucking her?
[Jim looks awkward.]
John: It's a simple question.
[Jim looks down and sees John's wedding ring.]
Jim: How long you been fucking your wife?
John: I don't have one.
Jim: then why are you wearing a ring?
John: It makes people think I'm trustworthy.
Jim: Aren't you?
John: No.



Right after Jim has his nightmare while sleeping in the car, he looks around for Grace, who is standing outside the car looking at scenery. When Jim sees her, she has her arms crossed over her chest. The next shot, with Jim walking around the car, she has her arms by her side, and immediately after, the shot with Jim approaching her, she has her arms crossed again. All this took place in about 2 seconds, not enough time to drop her arms and recross them exactly the same way as the first shot.