Best TV character mistakes of 2006

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Psych picture

Ghosts - S3-E1

Character mistake: When Gus goes to check the source of the creepy phone call, he finds Shawn who immediately ends the call before saying anything. Later in the episode, Haversham says he heard Shawn say "Gus?" before ending the call.


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30 Rock picture

Live from Studio 6H - S6-E19

Character mistake: Tina Fey fumbles her line and has to start it again. The original line should have been "How long do you think you're going to get away with this? Hazel or Jenna will know we're missing." Instead the second part of the line is "Henna or Jay; Hazel or Jenna will know we're missing!" (00:04:05)

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Kyle XY picture

This Is Not a Test - S1-E5

Character mistake: When Kyle is re-taking the test at the end of the school day, you see him bubble in 4 answer and turn the page and continue to answer questions. However there were 7 questions on the first page so he ended up putting the answer to #8 on #5 of the scantron. Kyle is too smart to do this.


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Hannah Montana picture

I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't - S1-E4

Character mistake: When Olivia turns up at Jackson's house, she says, "That was my Saturday afternoon. This is my Saturday night!" which indicates it is the same day. But when Cooper arrives, he says, "Sorry for blowing off at you yesterday," which means another day has passed. However, at the Hannah concert, it is the same day all the while, so Cooper had got his days wrong.


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Life on Mars picture

Show generally

Character mistake: When Hunt was interviewing Rocket, he asked him who killed the "P*ki". At the time, the Asian man who had been shot was still alive in hospital, only to die later in that episode.

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Torchwood picture

Children of Earth: Day Two - S3-E2

Character mistake: When lanto is in the park and the children all stop the camera shifts to look at a little girl in pink. But in the top left corner there is a young blonde girl still moving and looks to be silently mouthing a word as she steps off the roundabout. (00:32:08)

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Eureka picture

God Is in the Details - S2-E10

Character mistake: When Diane quotes the scripture, she says "Revelations." However, it's just "Revelation." Someone as smart as her who has read the New Testament (or heard it quoted) would know the correct word.


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The Unit picture

Dedication - S1-E7

Character mistake: When they show the helicopter containing Alpha team, it is a Bell 206 JetRanger, and the sound effects match it, but Brown says "This is the first time I'm on a Huey." The Huey and JetRanger look and sound nothing alike. (03:25:00)

Ian Hunt

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Ugly Betty picture

Swag - S1-E11

Character mistake: When Betty and Daniel takes Oshie to the White Tassel, as they are walking in, Daniel asks Betty if she is sure that they do not have anything over $5, Betty smiles and agrees. However, when there is an establishing shot of the restaurant, it states in the window that there is something for $9.99.

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Wild at Heart picture

Episode #5.6 - S5-E6

Character mistake: When Alice is releasing the cape vulture at Mara, she twice says "good boy" to the vulture, which means that the vulture is male. When she returns to Leopard's Den and tells Danny about the release, Alice says "Watching her flying away like that was amazing" which would mean that the vulture was female. (00:00:40)

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