Wild at Heart

Episode #6.10 - S6-E10

Continuity mistake: The scene set at Sarah's grave takes place in a hilly area with the house shown in the distance. Her surname is spelt Trevanian on the plaque on the gravestone. When Sarah's funeral was shown in Series 3, Episode 8 she was buried on a flat piece of ground near to the house. Every other time the family's surname is shown in print it is spelt Trevanion, including in the engraving on Sarah's coffin at her funeral. (00:16:35)

Episode Five - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: When Danny shows Sarah the nameplates on the veterinary surgery, Danny's nameplate reads "Daniel S. Trevanion". When Kirk was looking at the contract in Series 2, Episode 3 Danny's full name was shown as "Daniel Lawrence Trevanion". (00:01:35)

Episode #5.2 - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: Rowan and Lewis arrange for guests staying at Mara to fire tranquilliser darts at the animals. Vanessa questions the legality of this, but accepts Rowan's reassurances. Danny and Alice, who are both veterinary surgeons, are made aware that guests are being allowed to dart animals and make no attempt to stop this from happening. This contradicts the events of Series 4, Episode 2 where Rosie tells Vanessa that only qualified veterinary surgeons can legally dart animals. Rosie then darts a lioness and is told by the veterinary inspector that she has broken the law as she is only a veterinary nurse and not a fully qualified veterinary surgeon.

Episode #5.6 - S5-E6

Character mistake: When Alice is releasing the cape vulture at Mara, she twice says "good boy" to the vulture, which means that the vulture is male. When she returns to Leopard's Den and tells Danny about the release, Alice says "Watching her flying away like that was amazing" which would mean that the vulture was female. (00:00:40)

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