Best animated movie revealing mistakes of 2006

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Brother Bear 2 picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, right before Nita goes after Kenai, she takes off her dress. If you look closely, when she takes it off, her necklace and earrings come off with the dress as if they were a part of the dress. Also, her hair is tied back when she's wearing the dress. But when she takes it off, her hair is loose and flowing.

Brad Premium member
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Mater and the Ghostlight picture

Revealing mistake: Right after McQueen asks what the Ghostlight is, it cuts back to the other cars. Luigi is right next to the firetruck and some gas pumps. The firetruck's door is very reflective, and the gas pumps are visible in it. But Luigi is right by the pump, and he is not reflected in the firetruck's door. (00:02:10)

Quantom X Premium member
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Over the Hedge picture

Revealing mistake: When Stella the skunk yells at the cat, she pokes him on the face. However, you will notice that the hand looks a lot like a human hand, not Stella's.

Movie Guy
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Cars picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Luigi offers his service to Van and Minny, Guido is juggling wheels. But when Guido finishes, you can see over his right lift that his one of his wheels is not rendered correctly, as it seems to overstep his bodywork.

Paul Thomas Backes
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Open Season picture

Revealing mistake: Just after Boog breaks the dam and the deer herd is bounding across the dry riverbed, at the moment they realize they are going to be swept downstream by the wall of water, their legs disappear - just left out of the animation cell. Very obvious; no slow-mo needed to see.

Brenda Elzin
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The Little Cars in the Great Race picture

Revealing mistake: During the final race, Wrangler is shown knocking a yellow car off the race course. A few seconds before this, there are two shots from behind Wrangler, that are just still frames. The shot does not show Wrangler driving or even moving and is completely still. The shot from behind is merely just a still image, that has been extended to last a split second. The same still frame image is also repeated two shots later. (00:27:35)

Casual Person
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