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Other mistake: After the first race, in the scene where Lightning is rushing out on the stage thinking he is the winner, loads of confetti is shot out when the King and Chick Hicks gets onto the stage. The confetti is then falling down, but not a single flake hits any of the cars. However, in the following shots, you can see plenty of it on the stage underneath the cars, even though they haven't moved.

Other mistake: During the very last race, Lightning McQueen gets next to Chick Hicks, and the reflection of that his "C" emblem is on Lightning McQueen's hood. However, the C is facing the right way. Since the C is placed on the Chick Hicks in the correct direction, the reflection on Lighting McQueen should be a mirror image.

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Other mistake: The monitor from inside Mack's trailer displays his whole face while talking to McQueen. There is no camera outside of Mack that can display him in that fashion.

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Suggested correction: The camera in the trailer may be a TV video instead of a camera.

No, McQueen is talking live with Mack through this monitor.

Other mistake: After Lightning is caught in Radiator Springs, he has a boot on his front tire. Mater then tows him to court from the rear, which wouldn't be possible with the boot on.

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Continuity mistake: Before Lightning falls off the end of Mack's trailer, you can see Snot Rod and one of the other cars running alongside the trailer. But when the camera moves to show Lightning coming off the trailer, you can see alongside the trailer in the background, and the cars are now missing. Camera switches back to the front of Mack, and the cars are back alongside again.


Continuity mistake: The King's eyes are brown at the beginning of the film, but after he crashes his eyes have turned blue. During the credits when he is in the museum with his wife and Junior, they have turned back to brown.

Continuity mistake: Whilst McQueen is in the court room a scratch to his nearside front wheel arch/wing appears and disappears during shots.

Continuity mistake: McQueen kicks a can into Doc's slightly-open garage door. The door opens outward. McQueen then slowly pushes both garage doors inward to open them, opposite of how the door was just shown. When Doc subsequently throws McQueen out of the garage he slams the door shut...which would not be possible if it swung in both directions.

Kit Sullivan

Other mistake: When Mack wants to pull over because he is getting sleepy a car drives by with a mattress on the roof. There is no reason to have a mattress in a world without people, the cars sleep right on the ground/floor.

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Other mistake: At the start of the film when the commentators are explaining the tie situation between the 3 cars the green arrow to the car is out of alignment and misses the car, instead pointing at the track.

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Suggested correction: Jay Ward, character manager, said that this was a joke. The video with Jay Ward:

Continuity mistake: After the first race, McQueen blew out both back tires. When interviewed after the race, his pit crew changes his rims with new tires, but the old rims have tires on them. They should be only rims, since earlier in the race we see him riding "on the rims" only, with sparks flying from the metal touching the track.

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Suggested correction: McQueen's pit crew fixed his tires before the camera shot on him.

I think you missed the point of the mistake. 2 crew members are taking off both of McQueen's driver side tires (we can assume they replaced the passenger side off camera). But one should just be the rim. You're suggesting the pit crew replaced his tires off camera and then decided to replace his tires again when on camera.


Factual error: In the Radiator Springs courtroom there is a Latin motto over the doorway, that should read "Justitiae via strata veritate" Which means: "The path of justice is paved with truth." But the first word is spelled wrong as "Justitae."

Continuity mistake: After The King crashes, his tires are deflating. When The King's wife thanks Lightning McQueen for helping The King, we can see that The King's tires are inflated.

Continuity mistake: When the car crash starts, after the camera zooms out, the viewer can see that Eugene Carbureski made it through the wreck, but in the next few frames, it shows Eugene in the wreck.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Luigi offers his service to Van and Minny, Guido is juggling wheels. But when Guido finishes, you can see over his right lift that his one of his wheels is not rendered correctly, as it seems to overstep his bodywork.

Paul Thomas Backes

Continuity mistake: In the last lap of the first race, the last two cars suddenly change from Kevin Racingtire and Slider Petrolski to Todd Marcus and Claude Scruggs even though the four cars all are nowhere close to each other.

Continuity mistake: When McQueen rides on the wall to pass Rusty Cornfuel and Floyd Mulvihill, he passes Winford Bradford Rutherford and Sage VanDerSpin and goes straight to Slider Petrolski. However, past him are Todd Marcus, Ernie Gearson, and Winford Bradford Rutherford again, making it look as if there were two RPM cars with the same exact body, but there aren't.

Paul Thomas Backes

Continuity mistake: When McQueen leaves Radiator Springs, he still has his new hot rod paint job from Ramone. When he exits the trailer at the track in California, he is back to his racing paint job.

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Suggested correction: It did not occur "suddenly". He got repainted somewhere in between his leaving Radiator Springs and arriving at the race. No mistake.

JC Fernandez

What about immediately after the race? Also note the commentator during the race remarks on his 'white wall tires of all things', which are absent, until he finishes the race that is.

There was no indication that he stopped anywhere else to get repainted bright red for the last race and then painted back to metallic red after the race.

Continuity mistake: In the close-up of "Petrol" Pulaski giving Winford Bradford Rutherford some oil, the RPM crew chief is white. But in the scene showing all of the pit crews, he is yellow.

Paul Thomas Backes

Dusty Rust-eze: Thanks to you, Lightning, we had a banner year!
Rusty Rust-eze: I mean, we might even clear enough to buy you some headlights!
Dusty Rust-eze: Are you saying he doesn't have headlights?
Rusty Rust-eze: That's what I'm tellin' ya - it's just stickers!
Lightning McQueen: Well, you know, race cars don't need headlights, because the track is always lit.
Dusty Rust-eze: Well, so is my brother, but he still needs headlights!

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Trivia: "Route 66" was the original title of this film, but the name was changed to "Cars" so as not to imply a connection with the television show "Route 66".

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Question: In the end of the movie, when the Ferrari comes into Luigi's tire shop, he says something in what I assume to be Italian to the little forklift after Luigi faints. Does anyone know what it was the Ferrari said?

Answer: He says: "Spero che il tuo amico si riprenda, mi dicono che siete fantastici" which more or less translates to: "I hope your friend will feel better soon, I'm told you are fantastic"

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