Open Season

Continuity mistake: At the amphitheater, just as Boog chases Elliott through the curtain and off the stage, the dark colored paint that was splashed across the back of the curtain only moments before is not visible when Boog and Elliott pull the curtain down upon themselves and neither of them have any trace of paint on them after they roll free of the paint-splattered curtain.

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Continuity mistake: When Boog is "attacking" Elliot backstage at the Amphitheater and is pulling the ropes which the audience thinks are his intestines, the ropes are pulled willy-nilly and at great lengths when viewed through the curtain. But when viewed backstage while Boog is trying to tie Elliott with the rope, the rope is coiled neatly in a pile, except for a short length in Boog's paws.

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Factual error: In the last part of the movie when the animals attack, one of the hunters call the warden. The hunter's phone is a SonyEricsson W710i. This phone does not support video calls and no camera on the LCD part of the phone where it fell forward and supposedly showed the videos to the sheriff.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Elliot is tied to the hood of the truck, Boog hears him making noise and looks over at him, and Elliot's tongue is hanging out of the side of his mouth. In the very next shot when we see Elliot from the front, his tongue is hanging out the other side.

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Plot hole: When Boog meets the ducks, they claim that they were the only two ducks left, yet at the end of the movie they fly in abundance over the hunters.


Continuity mistake: Mr. Dinkleman's straps appear and disappear randomly throughout the movie. Although they are adjustable and we see Boog lengthening them on his first day in the woods, there are several scenes (even before Mr. Dinkleman is damaged after the flood) where the straps just disappear.

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Continuity mistake: As Beth transports Boog to a location above the waterfall, he is shown hanging from the helicopter in a rope basket and cushioned by a tarp that is open at the top. But after Beth releases the rope basket (from inside the helicopter prior to landing) to lay Boog on the ground, the tarp is covering him completely, rather than laying underneath him, as it did during the transport.

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Continuity mistake: At the amphitheater, just as Boog chases Elliott through the curtain and off the stage, all of the items strewn about backstage that were there moments before (the paint can, the rope, the toolbox) are missing.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Elliot spoils the amphitheater, Boog gets shot dead and falls on Elliot. Elliot was shot 6 darts on his bottom, his tail goes down, but when it cuts to sky view, his tail is up.


Continuity mistake: When Bob's wife tosses the coffee into the dumpsters, garbage bags (tied with string) are visible. When Elliot pops out of the dumpster moments later with the hot coffee, the garbage bags are gone.

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Continuity mistake: After Boog breaks the dam, the water rushes through a riverbed. The bed, however, switches from being empty and dry (when the deer herd is leaping over it) to being filled with water (when the porcupine is on a rock in the middle) to being dry again (when Shaw and his truck are on the riverbed).


Revealing mistake: Just after Boog breaks the dam and the deer herd is bounding across the dry riverbed, at the moment they realize they are going to be swept downstream by the wall of water, their legs disappear - just left out of the animation cell. Very obvious; no slow-mo needed to see.

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Shaw: Don't trust him. Pets are double agents. The moment you turn your backs, he'll shiv you.
Bobbie: Oh, no he can't. We had him fixed.

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Question: Why is the word "Lorraine" scratched into the handle of Shaw's gun? The words are easily seen after Boog levels Shaw with a golf club near his gun.


Chosen answer: Shaw named his shotgun "Lorraine". He refers to the gun by the name throughout the movie. It's not an uncommon practice among hunters.

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