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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban picture

Factual error: In the scene immediately following Harry and Hermione's travel back through time, she tells him, "It's 7:30." The clock, however, is striking the bells for an hour, not a half-hour. (01:43:45)

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The Polar Express picture

Factual error: When hero boy and girl and Billy are on the runaway car at the north pole, they crash into the stopper at the end of the tracks. They are flung backwards when in reality, due to inertia, they should have been flung forward into the guard rail.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Miracle picture

Factual error: There indeed was a moment in the game (vs. USSR) where Jim Craig was shaken up, but contrary to what's shown in the movie, the hit did not happen as the Soviets scored a goal. Furthermore, if a goalie is that flagrantly knocked down and out so that a teammate can get a shot off, it should be a two-minute penalty for "goaltender interference" and the goal disallowed.

Matty Blast

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Raise Your Voice picture

Factual error: The car accident involving the truck that killed Paul is not realistic. Paul made a left turn and upon completion of the turn, a truck suddenly plowed into him on the driver's side. For this to happen, the truck would have had to be going the wrong way on the same street Paul turned off in the opposite lanes. The movie made it look as if the truck ran a light in the intersection and sideswiped him. In addition, Terri said the other driver "ran a red light." This conflicts the scene - the truck would NOT have a light at all if being in the wrong lanes (the only way this could remotely happened the way the film shows).

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Mulan II picture

Factual error: In the scene where the fireflies light the fireworks there is one problem: The chemical that creates light wouldn't ignite the wick on a firework.


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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London picture

Factual error: When Derek is calculating how much explosive Mentos to put in Cody's mouth to get the microchip out, he says to himself, "a thousand nanograms equals 1 microgram". While this measurement is correct, it is highly unlikely that any explosive would be of use in even milligram quantities. So 1/1000 of a milligram (a microgram) would be virtually useless, and measurements of 1/1,000,000 of a milligram (a nanogram) would be even less than useless. He couldn't have been calculating explosives in such small quantities. As well, Mentos mints are about 37.5 g (, and he then cuts it into approximately 1/8 - micrograms would measure 1/250 of a mint, and nanograms would be 1/2500 of a mint. (01:12:30)

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The Lion King 1½ picture

Factual error: This may have been considered before drawing it this way, but it's a mistake nonetheless: When Tinkerbell shows up at the end with all the other Disney characters to watch the movie, she is back lit and silhouetted just like everyone else, and so is the pixie dust she is trailing. This is done simply to resemble a dark theater full of patrons, not to play some sort of impromptu guessing game. Her pixie dust has always been luminescent so it should not appear as a shadow against the theater screen. It'd be impossible to be silhouetted to that degree if it gives off its own light.

Phixius Premium member

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The Incredibles picture

Factual error: When the plane is attacked by missiles, Helen punches a button on the cockpit console and a screen lights up that says "chaff". The next shot shows the rear of the plane with several burning items coming from it that are supposed to be chaff. However, chaff containers burst open into thousands of radar-reflective strips that are meant to confuse radar-guided missiles (see real chaff in the movie Air Force One). What actually comes out are flares that burn extremely hot to confuse heat-seeking missiles. While it might be suggested that we just never see the containers burst open, later in the missile chase we see the exact same items in view for a much longer time and they never burst open.


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Thunderbirds picture

Factual error: As the Hood approaches central London in Thunderbird 2, they fly through Tower Bridge and over HMS Belfast, approaching from the East. However the onboard display in Thunderbird 1 shows TB2 approaching from the West, somewhere over Hammersmith.

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

Factual error: When the children jump off the remains of Aunt Josephine's house, they jump further than they'd be able to. The slanting floor, at least, would reduce the distance, plus they didn't take enough of a run up to jump the gap.

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A Cinderella Story picture

Factual error: Toward the end of the movie just as Austin and his team start the football game, the camera shows the scoreboard counting down from 15:00 minutes, the problem with this is high school football games are played in 12:00 minute quarters not 15:00.

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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed picture

Factual error: At one point in the film there is footage on the news of Mystery Inc's embarrassing attempt to stop the ghouls from stealing costumes. In particular, it focuses on Shaggy and Scooby being dragged across the table, etc. But look at the angle it's taken from: no one could have taken that.

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Finding Neverland picture

Factual error: In the cricket match, a number of things happen that are highly questionable. When the player is bowled, the bowler appeals, something that is only done if the umpire's opinion is required, which in this case it isn't. Even after the appeal, the umpire shakes his head, which in cricket, indicates that the batsman is not out. Only a raised finger or perhaps a nod would be out. To the uninitiated, the equivalent in baseball would be for the umpire to call "ball" and have the batsman walk off the ground as though he had struck out, instead of taking first base. (00:33:10)

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Garfield: The Movie picture

Factual error: When John is talking on the phone to someone who found a dog, he says something about Odie not being a hound dog, and how sure he was. Odie is part wirehair Dachshund (you can look it up - plus I own Dachshunds), which is from the hound breed.

Joshua Skains

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Two Brothers picture

Factual error: Near the end of the movie, Raul is telling the hunter to not kill the tigers. Throughout the scene, you can hear a bird call. The bird is a grebe. Grebes do not live in the jungle- they are only found near large bodies of water.

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Shark Tale picture

Factual error: Sharks don't float when they're dead, they sink. While it did initially sink after being thrown out of the "casket", when the shot changes to Don Lino and Lenny consoling one another, you see him float back up. (00:33:50)

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Millions picture

Factual error: In the final credits, the song "Brazil" is credited to "Aro Barrosa". The composer's real name is Ary Barroso.

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Zenon: Zee Three picture

Factual error: Selena, the Goddess of the Moon, sets the next "earthset" as Zenon's deadline. One shot shows the Earth slowly sinking towards the lunar horizon while Zenon and Dasha watch. However, the moon takes exactly as long to rotate on its own axis as it does to orbit the Earth. As a result, the Earth does not rise and set as seen from any one location on the moon. It only rises and sets as you move across the surface of the moon.


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Christmas with the Kranks picture

Factual error: When Mrs. Krank tries to snatch the Christmas ham in the parking lot of the grocery store, you can see trees with green foliage in the distance. Chicago never has green foliage on trees in the month of December.

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