Christmas with the Kranks

Continuity mistake: When Nora is explaining to her friends at lunch that she and Luther are skipping Christmas, her friend asks her "When do you leave?" without Nora ever mentioning that she and Luther were going on a cruise.

Revealing mistake: When Vic Frohmeyer excitedly tells the kids that Mr. Krank is putting up his frosty, the kids turn their attention away from their video game and get up to leave, but the video game continues to be played, indicating the video on the screen is a recording. (00:59:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Luther sprays the sidewalk with water, the bay window on the left side, when they show the mailman slip, the bay window is on the right side, then when Nora slips, soon after, the bay window is back to the left side.


Continuity mistake: When the scouts are trying to sell a Christmas tree to Luther and Nora, there is a wreath on the front door. They can't make the sale and go to their truck parked across the street. They tell some neighbors that the Kranks would not buy a tree. As they all look across the street at the house, the wreath has vanished. When Luther leaves for work the next morning, the wreath has returned.

Continuity mistake: The attendant at the tanning salon has a different shirt, earrings, and hairdo in the scene where Nora tans for the first time then comes out with the cut on her head.

Continuity mistake: When the police are driving Blair and her boyfriend, it is snowing. In the shot from inside the police car the windshield wipers are on . The very next shot shows the police car driving down the street and the windshield is clear and the wipers are off.

Audio problem: When the carolers come to sing for the Kranks, it is professional-quality singing. Then the neighbors join and you can hear that more people are singing, and the quality of the singing is realistically worse(the neighbors can't sing well.) After a few shots of the carolers AND the neighbors singing, the sound goes back to just the carolers singing, though you still see the neighbors singing on screen.

Continuity mistake: When Nora is driving down the road with Fromeyer at her window, he sticks his hands on the glass. Nora raises the window "catching his fingers". When looking through the windshield, you can see that the window is 3/4 of the way up, but when it cuts to the outside, it is just under the edge.


Continuity mistake: When the daughter's boyfriend first enters the house to meet Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, his hair is covered in snow. Shortly after, the snow is gone but then reappears in another shot during the same scene.

Continuity mistake: When the carolers are outside singing, Luther and Nora are inside hiding. When they cut to Nora, you can see out of the window- there's nothing there. When she leans back up from getting her yarn, the head caroler is there with some others behind her. In the next shot, they are back in place in the choir. Even if they were right outside the window in the first place, there is no way they could reposition themselves that fast.


Other mistake: Nora spends a long time trying to get a Hickory Honey Ham (because it is Blairy's favorite). Finally, Marty brings one to the party. After Blair and Enrique arrive, Nora puts some ham on his plate, commenting yet again that it is Blairy's favorite. Yet when Luther goes across the street, he takes *them* the prized Hickory Honey Ham - still in the can.


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Suggested correction: He carries Mel's brand ham across the street, not Honey Hickory Ham, to the neighbors. He even mentions it's made mostly of a gelatinous product.

But in the Supermarket the Honey Ham is a Mel's. There's a big sign in the store when the lady gets it before Nora.

Factual error: When Mrs. Krank tries to snatch the Christmas ham in the parking lot of the grocery store, you can see trees with green foliage in the distance. Chicago never has green foliage on trees in the month of December.

Continuity mistake: When Marty and Enrique are talking, Blair turns to ask her parents who he is. Nora has a plate with food on one hand and a fork in the other. However, when they respond, her left hand is behind Luther and the right one has no fork.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Luther is talking to the neighbour to borrow his Christmas tree, the neighbour is packing his car and when he puts the sleeping bag in back of truck, the white cooler falls over. By the end of the scene, it is fixed without being touched.

Audio problem: Towards the end during the party we see a guy playing some sort of small pipe instrument. First of all, the timing of the moving of his lips on the instrument doesn't match the pipes heard in the music. Secondly, the lower notes that are heard in the music are heard when his mouth is at the shorter end of the pipe, which would realistically result in high-pitch sounds.

Continuity mistake: Mr. Krank's coat was totally drenched by a car going through a puddle and it was completely wet. Subsequently, in the same scene, the coat was only partially wet, having quite a bit of dry area.

Wayne C.

Visible crew/equipment: When the Christmas carolers are outside singing in front of the Kranks' house, a crewmember is reflected on the glass window.


Other mistake: The local newspaper prints a photo of the Kranks' house along with a story about their refusal to put up lights and decorations. The story says that their street, Hemlock Street, finished 6th in the Gazette's decorating contest. But the name of the newspaper is the Journal, not the Gazette.

Continuity mistake: Just after treading on the neighbours' cat he is talking to them and the woman power walking seems to be going nowhere, as she is in the same spot twice.

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Trivia: The first time we see Frosty, his face has an evil-looking grin: his smile is jagged and his eyes are squinted. The next time we see Frosty after we learn that Blair is coming home and the Kranks will have a party, Frosty is smiling happily and innocently. (00:38:15 - 00:45:50)

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