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Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

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Corrected entry: When Luther walks across the road at the start he has a long black coat on, when he gets to the other side he has a short brown jacket on. (00:00:50)

Correction: He gives his coat to the man that was stuck on the roof.

Corrected entry: Luther and Spike are removing expensive ornaments from the neighbor's Christmas tree so the tree can be moved to the Kranks' living room. Luther is behind the tree, opposite the window. In the very next shot, when a neighbor with binoculars looks to see what is going on, Luther is now on the side of the tree.

Correction: Luther is still in the same position in both shots, on the side of the tree in front of the window.

Corrected entry: Nora spends a long time trying to get a Hickory Honey Ham (because it is Blairy's favorite). Finally, Marty brings one to the party. After Blair and Enrique arrive, Nora puts some ham on his plate, commenting yet again that it is Blairy's favorite. Yet when Luther goes across the street, he takes *them* the prized Hickory Honey Ham - still in the can.


Correction: He carries Mel's brand ham across the street, not Honey Hickory Ham, to the neighbors. He even mentions it's made mostly of a gelatinous product.

But in the Supermarket the Honey Ham is a Mel's. There's a big sign in the store when the lady gets it before Nora.

Corrected entry: The film is set in Illinois but was actually filmed in California. Cordon's Ranch Market is in Verdugo City. Throughout the film, "snow" is on the ground and rooftops but never is there any steam coming from anyone's breath.

Correction: Seeing breath is not necessarily an indication of how cold it is outside. I have ridden a motorcycle when there is still snow on the sides of the road, while the outside temperature was +10C . At work last night, I could see my breath inside the building due to humidity.


Corrected entry: When the Scouts come to sell Nora and Luther a Christmas Tree there's a Wreath on the front door, Luther says there not buying a tree. Right after that there out at the truck telling Fromeyer how Luther Stiffed the Scouts on a Christmas tree when that happens Fromeyer looks up at the Kranks house and there's no wreath on the front Door.

Correction: Luther takes the wreath off the door right after the scouts leave.

Corrected entry: Every time Spike calls with his friends saying "Free Frosty" or whatever, the moment Tim Allen answers the phone, the sound on the line always starts exactly at the beginning of the word "free." Obviously edited in.

Correction: Why is this wrong? Spike doesn't start chanting until Luther answers the phone.

Corrected entry: While eating lunch with two of her friends Mrs. Krank explains to them, and the guy from the greeting card shop, that she and her husband are skipping Christmas this year. After the man goes back to his table, one of the friends asks when the Kranks are leaving without Mrs. Krank mentioning that they were going on a trip.

Correction: Before her friend asks the question, Mrs. Krank says that they are "taking a break" during Christmas. Her friend probably figured that they were going on a trip.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie just before Luther is about to enter the house, he notices the man on the top of the roof, minutes later a robber breaks out the window and the man on the roof is completely forgot about and is left up there.

Correction: You can see very briefly that he helps him into the house, its easy to miss.

Corrected entry: When Tim Allen first buys the ugly barren tree, it DOES have leaves on it. When he gets home with the tree on top of his car, it has absolutely NO leaves. Even if some leaves blew off during the car ride, there was still a good number of leaves when he bought it.

Correction: The tree he bought was 100% dried up. It is perfectly plausible that as he drives, with turns, bumps in the roads, and highway speeds, the few dried up pine needles could have easily been blown off by the wind.

Corrected entry: The Christmas wreath on the front door of the Kranks house appears and disappears throughout the movie. In most shots from across the street the wreath is missing. On closeups that include the front door in the shot, the wreath is present.

Correction: Tim Allen takes the wreath off the front door while trying to avoid Christmas. He later puts it back up when he realizes he must celebrate it.

The wreath is on and off the front door throughout the movie, never a mention of Luther removing it and putting it back up.

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