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Scream picture

Revealing mistake: As Drew Barrymore is running from the killer outside he stabs her. If you look closely it is very easy to tell it is a rubber knife, because you see it bend off of her. (00:10:20)

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Hamlet picture

Revealing mistake: Hamlet is killed and in the next scene is being carried with his arms stiff to his sides. The men carrying him go over a bump, jolting Hamlet, and he blinks.

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Freeway picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the film Vanessa gets crazy because Bob kills her grandma, and she starts beating him up in the caravan, hitting him and throwing various stuff at him. Throughout the scene, Reese Witherspoon's' stunt double is really obvious. Her hair looks completely different!!!

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Beavis and Butthead Do America picture

Revealing mistake: When Robert Stack introduces himself in the hotel room he says he is an A.T.F. agent, but the ID he shows says F.B.I. (00:26:45)

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Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood picture

Revealing mistake: When taking the driving test Ashtray is driving down a street with on the left a parked white RV. After making a left turn, we see through the rear window he's driving down the same street.


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The Long Kiss Goodnight picture

Revealing mistake: When the guy that was shot in the chopper is falling, you can see the protective, yet flaming mask on his face.

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Ransom picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the film when Gary Sinese shoots the guys in the white van, when he shoots the bald guy, as he falls out the door you can see the squib vest protrude from under his shirt.

Tobin OReilly

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First Strike picture

Revealing mistake: When the second helicopter is blown up you can see it is the same helicopter that was blown up the first time. The writing on the helicopter is reversed compared to the first helicopter. (00:21:10)


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Bulletproof picture

Revealing mistake: When the two FBI agents are thrown out of the car, you can see they are clearly wearing body armour under their clothing just for the purpose of breaking the fall. They look "fat" mainly on their torso because of the padding.


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Fled picture

Revealing mistake: When the car at the end flips over, you can see a circular object underneath the vehicle, about the size of a tyre (very obvious in slow motion). This is the device that "lifts" the vehicle for it to flip on one side, timed with the appropriate explosion.

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2 Days in the Valley picture

Revealing mistake: When the blond lady dies, she is seen in a body bag. Look at her nostrils as they widen, revealing that she is not quite dead.

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Striptease picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the end of the movie when the detective is listening to the Senator's confession on tape, there are no speakers attached to the stereo.

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The Substitute picture

Revealing mistake: Look at the gun fired behind Shale at the firing range. The person doesn't pull the trigger, there is no flash, the slide doesn't move, there is no smoke. But the gun still kicks.

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Taxi picture

Revealing mistake: When they attach a GPS device to the gang's car and they watch their situation on the computer screen, you can see on the left top part of the screen some playback, stop, rewind, . buttons, showing that it's a pre-made video that they play manually.

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