Revealing mistake: When the two FBI agents are thrown out of the car, you can see they are clearly wearing body armour under their clothing just for the purpose of breaking the fall. They look "fat" mainly on their torso because of the padding.


Revealing mistake: In the scene when we see Archie Moses trying to climb out of the window at the honeymoon suite, when you see Charles walk by you can see his shadow on the backdrop.

Thomas Ryder

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene where Wayans and Sandler steal the Ferrari, the owner comes out and fires a shot at them as they speed away. If you watch the gun, the muzzle kicks up way after he fires the shot, and you can even tell the actor is doing it manually by how far the gun goes up over his head. Real guns don't kick like that.


Revealing mistake: Just before Archie and Keats jump out off the plane before it falls down a cliff, the faces of their stunt doubles are visible.

Continuity mistake: When the first FBI agent gets thrown from the passenger side of the car the scene is of a city street. When the second agent gets thrown from the car just seconds later after he hits the road the scene to the left looks grassy instead of city.

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Archie Moses: This is a '70s porno. You know how I can tell? Because the guy's dick has sideburns.

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