Thomas Ryder

2nd Feb 2007

The Simpsons (1989)

Papa's Got a Brand New Badge - S13-E22

Continuity mistake: When Homer goes to the cupboard, there are no wires to the right of it. However, when Homer plugs in the singing Santa, there are lots of wires trailing to the right. (00:02:40)

Thomas Ryder

2nd Dec 2006

Bulletproof (1996)

Revealing mistake: In the scene when we see Archie Moses trying to climb out of the window at the honeymoon suite, when you see Charles walk by you can see his shadow on the backdrop.

Thomas Ryder

Revealing mistake: As Frank is looking at the effects of the virus, a guy jumps him and pulls him through a window. You can tell by the way that they both land that they are jumping onto a covered airbag. (00:51:20)

Thomas Ryder

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