Bulletproof (1996)

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Corrected entry: In the hotel when Archie starts smoking marijuana, he tells Keats that he hid it in his "arse". However, moments before we see Archie having a shower and Keats sticks a gun up there. The marijuana would also be wet.

Correction: Its a strong possibility that Archie took it out of his ass before having a shower, knowing that if he left it in there it would indeed get wet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sandler meets up with Caan following the bust, Sandler asks Caan and his bodyguard why they are late. Caan tells him that they had a flat tire but they are driving a Hummer and Hummers have a central tire inflation system. This is an inflating second tire inside each tire. It is very difficult to be late due to a flat tire when driving a Hummer.

Correction: There are two possibilities. The first is that Caan was just making up the excuse because he left later than he was supposed to. The second is that even if he had a flat tire, the vehicle can't go as fast as it normally can.

Corrected entry: Archie is flying the plane when suddenly they run out of fuel. He makes an incredible landing in the middle of a desert. The problem is, it's right on the edge of a cliff. After a little scooting and running they jump out of the back of the plane. When they do so they're no longer counter-weighting the front which causes the plane to fall. When the plane falls off the edge of the cliff and crashes it has this huge fireball explosion. What would be in the plane to explode in a fireball that big since the plane ran out of gas.

Correction: Fumes.

Continuity mistake: When the first FBI agent gets thrown from the passenger side of the car the scene is of a city street. When the second agent gets thrown from the car just seconds later after he hits the road the scene to the left looks grassy instead of city.

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Archie Moses: This is a '70s porno. You know how I can tell? Because the guy's dick has sideburns.

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