The Long Kiss Goodnight

Continuity mistake: In the final battle scene between Geena Davis and Craig Beirko, Beirko's character slashes Davis' character across the stomach (upper right hand side). In the next shot, the wound is located on the lower left side and in a subsequent shot, the wound has multiplied to become two wounds: one in the upper right hand side and a second in the lower left hand side.

Visible crew/equipment: When Geena Davis is being dunked in water, you can see an air hose she is breathing out of in one shot. It is when the bad guy is talking, and you see her submerged.

Continuity mistake: When Geena Davis is meeting the old man at the bar in the train station, when the young guy talks to her, she looks over at him, and you can clearly see a boom mike in the shot which stays there until the scene changes.

Continuity mistake: When Geena Davis is ice-skating with her daughter, she takes off her right glove to hold the girl's hand and help her up. The glove is still off when she says "3 2 1, Go." but when the camera changes point-of-view in the next shot, the glove is somehow back on her hand again. (00:19:00)

Audio problem: When Charlie is driving the truck, you see her press the brake, but you hear the engine rev.

Factual error: There is a major error in the scene where Geena Davis steals the tractor trailer. They show a closeup of the brake line between the truck and the trailer being cut. The problem arises when fluid starts pumping out of the line and Geena screams because she's lost the brakes. First, every tractor trailer is equipped with air brakes, so there is no fluid in the lines to leak. Second, if these air lines are severed it causes the brakes on the trailer to lock up and drag the truck to a stop.

Continuity mistake: Geena Davis has her hands and feet tied to the water wheel when she's being tortured for information. Under water she manages to free one of her hands but not her feet, when she comes up for air and shoots her captor, she drops the gun and unties her other hand, but her feet are still tied, so she would have fallen face first into the water.

Continuity mistake: When Geena Davis is underwater by the water wheel, she notices that the dead body down there has a gun and she starts to reach for it. Then in the next shot, we see her reaching hand holding on to the water wheel but she still looks like she's reaching for the gun even though she's holding on to the wheel.

Revealing mistake: When the guy that was shot in the chopper is falling, you can see the protective, yet flaming mask on his face.

Revealing mistake: Charlie is underwater and flashing back to when she was in the trunk of the car, the camera cuts to her face and the air bubble is going into her mouth, not coming out.

Factual error: The police in the scene where Charlie is asking for help are very close to her. They also know that the truck is a bomb. They would not really be that close with the knowledge they had.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Geena Davis cuts the string of lights and flies up to kill Craig Beirko, she grabs a machine gun on the way up from someone who's burning. Now she's one tough cookie but I doubt that she wouldn't even flinch when grabbing a hot gun.

Continuity mistake: When the man who was holding the carollers hostage comes to Davis', she dives behind the fridge door, the man shoots the door and Davis flies backwards. After he kicks the door shut, there's not a scratch on it.

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Suggested correction: In every shot after the one-eyed man shoots the door, there is a huge black burn mark on it, both the handles for the refrigerator and freezer are missing, and the handle brackets are twisted and jagged. There IS a mistake here though. When Samantha opens the refrigerator door and when the man kicks it, the refrigerator and freezer doors have obviously been fastened together and move as a single door. In a previous scene we saw that they open independently.

Revealing mistake: In the time it takes to run to the pond, and at the speed the people are driving. Charlie couldn't have run, put on, and laced up her skates.

Continuity mistake: When Geena Davis is skating across the ice and shooting at a car, one of the car's hubcaps flies off only to come back a few shots later.

Revealing mistake: When the guys jump Charlie and Mitch in the alleyway, a gunfight ensues. However, after the last bad guy is dispatched and a total of a dozen gun shots have been heard, if you look at the street behind them the people are still walking calmly as if nothing happened.


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Charlie is tied to the water wheel, she struggles to free her right hand and blood permeates the water. As she reaches to retrieve the gun she inadvertently drops the fake blood packet and it drifts down slowly in the water.

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Continuity mistake: At one point during the fight scene between Sam Caine and the intruder, they fight over a shotgun. When they both fall over the shotgun disappears. A sound effect of the gun falling to the floor is even inserted to cover up the fact that the shotgun just vanishes.

Continuity mistake: When Sam Caine teaches her daughter Caitlin how to ice-skate, Caitlin is pushed but falls on her knees. In the next shot, she somehow lands on her butt.

Samantha: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Hennessey: I hope not, coz I'm thinking about how much my balls hurt.


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Trivia: Scriptwriter Shane Black is a huge believer in recycling. Check out how much the moment when Jackson is captured by Bierko resembles Rigg's capture by McAllister in "Lethal Weapon". Black's 3 biggest movies - "Lethal Weapon", "The Last Boy Scout" and "The Long Kiss Goodnight" all involve a major character's daughter being kidnapped (to say nothing of all beginning with an "L").

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Question: Did the guy in the car crash die? It looked like he did, but why wasn't it mentioned again?


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