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Corrected entry: When Samantha Caine and Mitch Henessey are driving towards Buffalo, she receives a cell phone call from the villains informing her that they have kidnapped her daughter. They ask for her location, to which she replies "on State Route 5, 15 minutes east of Union Springs, New York." New York State Route 5 does not go through Union Springs; New York State Route 90 does.

Correction: She just says she's on it, and near Union Springs. A fair chunk of State Route 5 passes within 15 minutes of Union Springs.

Cayuga would actually be the closest town/village to identify her location as it is much closer to Route 5 than Union Springs, although 15 minutes south of Rt 5 it's too far south to use it as an East/West location. X minutes West of Auburn would have been a better identifiable location.


Corrected entry: When Charlie is holding on to the string of lights, she cuts it to the point where it only went to her mid thigh. She slides down a full string.

Correction: The part she cut was pulled up into the air along with her. She slid down the other strand, the one that the burning guy was caught up in.

Corrected entry: While Charlie is driving the truck she plows through a brick wall, toppling the truck on its side. The impact of said event should have incapacitated Caitlin, since toolboxes don't have airbags. Yet several shots later she emerges from the tool box unscathed.


Correction: The very first thing she says when she's helped out is that her head hurts because she hit it.

Corrected entry: Sam is found on the beach with nothing but a charm bracelet on her wrist and it shows no suitcase fall off the cliff with her. Later on in the movie she finds her old rifle hidden in her suitcase when she is at the hotel. How the heck did the rifle get there when it should be a standard suitcase. It's not her dreaming because she shoots the wall when she wakes up.


Correction: The suitcase is picked up by Samuel Jackson from the old lady "Charly" used to rent from. She also pulls a postcard and a book from that suitcase while they are in the car, before they reach the hotel. Sam only took a bag with her and it went into the trunk.


Corrected entry: When Charlie and her Daughter are getting in the car when Hennessy is driving, the body of the frozen guy disappears when it was in the shot of Hennessy driving out of the truck.

Correction: The body is in the car when Hennessy pulls out of the semi, but as the car is landing, the passenger side door pops open and you see the body fall out onto the road.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Charlie is talking to Hennessey after they arrive at Niagara Falls, she says that the guards are at 126.9 megahertz. She would have no way of knowing that. She wouldn't have the time to scan every single frequency.

Correction: She kills a few guards and steals their radios. All she would have to do is listen to see if there was any chatter then remember the setting.


Corrected entry: There was not enough room in that little doll to hold all the kerosene that we see on the outside of the freezer. Even if there was, it would take many minutes in order to fill the doll, especially if the only way to fill it up was from a leaky hole in a kerosene tank.

Correction: The leaky hole in the barrel just gave Charlie the idea. She could have easily popped the head off the doll and the barrel and dipped in the doll and put the head back on.


Corrected entry: You see Charlie cut her hair, and a few shots later she looks in the mirror, hair long. Opens the mirror, closes it, and then her hair is short.

Correction: The shot of her looking in the mirror, opening the door and then closing it, is a basic overview of all the changes she has made. It is essentially a before-and-after shot to sum everything up for the audience. It is not meant to be a 100% accurate representation of the process, just the results.

Corrected entry: In the car scene when they first meet Waldman, he says that the school teacher business was a cover. She never previously said anything to him about being a teacher. He did say that it was a cover, but how would she know him to be a teacher if she lost her memory.

Correction: He's referring to her cover as a school teacher, not his.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Geena Davis is meeting the old man at the bar in the train station and the assassin comes up to shoot her, he is holding a pistol with a silencer. After he is shot dead, Samuel L Jackson takes his weapon. But now it is a sub-machine gun, without a silencer.

Correction: The gun with the silencer falls to the ground as the man gets shot. The sub-machine gun is placed in a holster under the man's arm.

Visible crew/equipment: When Geena Davis is being dunked in water, you can see an air hose she is breathing out of in one shot. It is when the bad guy is talking, and you see her submerged.

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Samantha: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Hennessey: I hope not, coz I'm thinking about how much my balls hurt.


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Trivia: Scriptwriter Shane Black is a huge believer in recycling. Check out how much the moment when Jackson is captured by Bierko resembles Rigg's capture by McAllister in "Lethal Weapon". Black's 3 biggest movies - "Lethal Weapon", "The Last Boy Scout" and "The Long Kiss Goodnight" all involve a major character's daughter being kidnapped (to say nothing of all beginning with an "L").

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Question: What car is Gina driving at the end of the movie?

Answer: A 1966 Ford Galaxie-500 XL. There's a website that lists the vehicles used in the movie.

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