The Long Kiss Goodnight

Factual error: When Samantha Caine and Mitch Henessey are driving towards Buffalo, she receives a cell phone call from the villains informing her that they have kidnapped her daughter. They ask for her location, to which she replies "on State Route 5, 15 minutes east of Union Springs, New York." New York State Route 5 does not go through Union Springs; New York State Route 90 does.

Factual error: There is a major error in the scene where Geena Davis steals the tractor trailer. They show a closeup of the brake line between the truck and the trailer being cut. The problem arises when fluid starts pumping out of the line and Geena screams because she's lost the brakes. First, every tractor trailer is equipped with air brakes, so there is no fluid in the lines to leak. Second, if these air lines are severed it causes the brakes on the trailer to lock up and drag the truck to a stop.

Factual error: The police in the scene where Charlie is asking for help are very close to her. They also know that the truck is a bomb. They would not really be that close with the knowledge they had.

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