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Dracula picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the scene where the vampire hunters leave London in pursuit of Dracula, Jonathan narrates, "By train we can reach the Romanian port in Varna in three days." However, Varna is a Bulgarian seaport. This can even be seen on the map showing the Turkish invasion of Eastern Europe in the movie's prologue, and on the map that Jonathan studies aboard the train at the beginning of the film. (01:45:35)

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Lethal Weapon 3 picture

Character mistake: The "MAC-10" machine pistol used by Darryl and Sergeant Murtough is actually a Cobray M11/9.

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Sister Act picture

Character mistake: During the end credits, three of the magazine covers spell Whoopi's character's name as "Delores." Two of the covers spell it "Deloris," as do the credits.


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Passenger 57 picture

Character mistake: When Cutter is talking with Chief Biggs for the first time, right after the negotiations for fuel, Cutter says he is the former head of security for the airline. Since he has just been hired for that role (after being an independent security consultant), he should have called himself the future head of security, or new, or something of that nature. Former would indicate he has resigned from the position.

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A Few Good Men picture

Character mistake: During the trial, Danny says Lt. Col. Markinson shot himself in the mouth with a .45, but in the suicide scene, Markinson's gun is a Beretta 9mm, the standard-issue U.S. Military sidearm.

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Unforgiven picture

Character mistake: When Eastwood is trying to mount the horse for the first time he is pulling on the inside rein, which makes the horse turn away from him. Even a child of that time would know to pull on the outside rein to make the horse turn into you.

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School Ties picture

Character mistake: In School Ties, when they are playing the football game, the coach calls the character of "Chesty Smith" (Affleck) "Benson" instead of "Smith".

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The Bodyguard picture

Character mistake: Whitney Houston's character, Rachel, is arriving at the Oscars and waves at the fans outside. A fan is holding a sign and it spells her name as "Rachael". When Rachel wins her award, her name on the TV is spelled "Rachel". (01:40:35)

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Article 99 picture

Character mistake: In the end of the film during the protest, Ray Liotta is operating on a man. At the start of the operation Ray's surgical glove is torn, exposing the thumb on his right hand as he points into the opening on the patient's chest.


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Under Siege picture

Character mistake: When Rybeck gives Miss July basic instructions about the use of an Heckler & Koch MP 5, he calls it an assault rifle. This weapon is classified as a submachine gun (a machine gun firing a sub-caliber round). Someone with his training would know the difference.

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Singles picture

Character mistake: When Andy calls Linda, as Linda and Steve are hooking up, he addresses her (on the answering machine) as Tammy.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me picture

Character mistake: Leland Palmer handles Laura's body without any gloves when wrapping her and disposing of the body. As with any respectable FBI investigation, upon finding her body and checking for fingerprints, they should've connected Leland to Laura's death within days. (02:05:00)

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The Mighty Ducks picture

Character mistake: When Coach Bombay has the Ducks practice passing eggs to each other, he tells them "Concentration, not strength." At the end of the movie, when the Ducks say goodbye to Bombay, Fulton Reed repeats this advice to Bombay, but he gets it backwards. Fulton says "Remember: strength, not concentration."

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Suggested correction: He said it backwards on purpose. During the game against the Huskies Guy repeated the advice to Fulton to help him with his shot accuracy, however it didn't quite work so Fulton just used his strength rather than concentrating. Hence, the reason he stated the advice in reverse to Gordon at the end.

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Patriot Games picture

Character mistake: When Greer and Cantor visit Ryan's home after Miller's escape, they state that he was being moved to HMP Albany on the Isle of Wight (correct, given it was a Cat A dispersal prison at the time and regularly used for IRA prisoners) however Greer later states "it happened in Kent, near the channel", which is incorrect. Lymington (as stated by the guards over the radio in the escape scene) is in southern Hampshire - over 90 miles away from Kent and on the other side of the country.

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Basic Instinct picture

Character mistake: When we see the door to Elisabeth's, her name is spelled with a s. Later when Nick looks her up on the computer, it's spelled Elizabeth.

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Braindead picture

Character mistake: When nurse McTavish checks mum's pulse, she uses her thumb. Any nurse worth her salt knows that thumbs have their own pulse and that one needs to use the index and middle finger to get an accurate pulse. (00:30:10)


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