Best movie plot holes of 1984

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A Nightmare on Elm Street picture

Plot hole: Following Glen's death, Nancy tells her father to come across the street in 20 minutes to catch Freddy. She then goes to her house, checks and sets her alarm clock, and proceeds to rig the ENTIRE house with booby traps, including filling a light bulb with the contents of several shotgun shells, and has a heart-to-heart talk with her inebriated mom. When she gets back to her room to go to sleep, she checks her clock again. The time on the clock has advanced only TEN minutes. She did ALL that in only TEN minutes?

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter picture

Plot hole: When Jason is going next door to chase after Trish, he pulls Jimbo's body down from the doorway and begins walking towards Trish's cabin. He is seen walking by himself. However in the next scene, he throws Rob's body through the window. There was no time for him to go back and get the body. (01:17:15)

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Ghostbusters picture

Plot hole: The Ghostbusters cross their proton pack streams which results in a tremendous explosion. The next scene shows the blast pushing Mr. Sta-Puft away from the building. A second later another scene shows the explosion radiating outward from the roof. The only part of him shown over the edge of the building is his head and his right hand. To get all over the Ghostbusters, marshmallow would have to be blown in the opposite direction against the force of the blast. It makes sense that there was marshmallow all over the street, but how did it land on the Ghostbusters?

Grumpy Scot
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Suggested correction: That is part of the joke. Just like part of the joke is that all of the Ghostbusters are covered in marshmallow except for Venkman, and that the explosion should have killed all of the Ghostbusters, along with Dana and Lewis in the first place. It doesn't make sense because it is not supposed to.

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Runaway picture

Plot hole: Considering Luther is responsible for the death of 6+ people and 2 cops, there is no way there would not have been a small army of cops including 2 or more snipers covering the restaurant stakeout. There is no way he could have murdered Jackie and then just run off into the bushes.

Grumpy Scot
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom picture

Plot hole: Mola Ram has his men knock over a vat of water in a last ditch effort to kill our heroes. First of all the vat can't be that big if it can be knocked down with a few sledgehammers. Secondly, for the amount of water that chases Indy and co. down the vat would have to be big enough to fill the room it's in, which obviously it's not. Third, Indy and co. travel through several large caverns during the mine cart chase, caverns that could easily swallow up any of the water flowing through the tunnels so there shouldn't be any water left to catch up to Indy by the time they stop.

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Frankenweenie picture

Plot hole: When we first see the reanimated Sparky, his head's sewed on. While that makes him look a bit like the traditional Frankenstein monster, it doesn't make a lot of sense - the original monster had stitches on its neck because it was made from multiple body parts, but it's not like they sawed the dog's head off after it died...

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Suggested correction: Do we ever see how much damage the car did?

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Seksmisja picture

Plot hole: If the underground women really believed that Einstein and Copernicus were female, they wouldn't laugh at the quote of Marie Curie.

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2010 picture

Plot hole: When the doctors are discussing the condition of Bowman's mother, a newspaper headline on the wall displays the pictures of both Bowman and Frank Poole. These pictures are actually still shots of the two actors from an earlier conversation they had with HAL in the previous film. Since Discovery has been dormant for nine years, how did Earth manage to use these particular shots for the newspaper?

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The Toxic Avenger picture

Plot hole: Cigar Face looks fine when he's at the gym with the mayor shortly after being beaten up by Toxie, but when he and other thugs try ambushing him later he suddenly has his left arm in a sling and his face is bandaged.

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Supergirl picture

Plot hole: If her city of Argo can't survive without its power source before collapsing, then why does it appear to be okay once she arrives back at the end, with the Omega stone having been gone several days?

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The Initiation picture

Plot hole: Kelly's twin sister, Terry, must be quick. She's inside the mall though it's never shown how she got in, didn't sneak in behind them or kill someone to gain access. She just shows up.

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C.H.U.D. picture

Plot hole: Captain Bosch and AJ steal George Cooper's photos, but not the negatives. George Cooper discovers the photos are missing, and could have just recreated the pictures from the negatives. He is looking for who took his pictures later. (00:37:30 - 00:53:00)

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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension picture

Plot hole: When Buckaroo is speaking with the president via video call (with John Parker by Buckaroo's side), New Jersey is explaining the reason humans can't see the aliens from planet 10, is a result of bacteria produced by the aliens which is then absorbed by humans via their olfactory senses, affecting their cerebral cortex. If this is the case, why doesn't the president see John Parker in his true alien persona. He can't smell him through the television. (01:04:50 - 01:05:40)

Nicholas Fabrio
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Wheels on Meals picture

Plot hole: When Sylvia gets grabbed in her apartment by the bad guys, she's screaming from the get-go and they are standing in front of the door all the time. So Moby should have heard her as he approached the door to ring the doorbell, the door obviously lets sound pass pretty well since he hears her muffled whimpers a few seconds later even being at distance. Somehow, her making noise becomes an issue only once the doorbell has rung and was a non-factor before. (00:43:50)

Sammo Premium member
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The Hills Have Eyes Part II picture

Plot hole: When Rachael/Ruby is attacked by Pluto in the rafters, Cass, being blind, is able to hear her cry out. When she does, Cass calls out to her by saying "Ruby." However it was a couple scenes later when Rachael tells everyone that she is really Ruby. Cass is surprised to hear this. Therefore, not knowing that Rachael was really Ruby, she should have called out "Rachael" instead of "Ruby" when she was attacked because she didn't know the truth by then.

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The Lost Empire picture

Plot hole: Given Dr. Sin Do is a sneaky and quite brilliant mastermind it seems unlikely he could've been fooled by a victim's sister, especially when they look alike.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night picture

Plot hole: Billy's not tall enough to impale Linnea Quigley on deer antlers.

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The Terminator picture

Plot hole: When Sarah is at the police station, the chief tells her something like, "Your mother will be here in a little over an hour." Meaning she is already on her way there. The Terminator reads the address book to find out Sarah's mother is at Big Bear. At the hotel, Sarah is talking to her "mother" (the Terminator). If her mother was on her way to the police station, why is she still at the cabin?

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Suggested correction: Big Bear Lake is actually just "a little over an hour" from Los Angeles (up to two hours at most). Sarah spoke to her mother on the phone at the motel, the day after the police station shootout. Keep in mind, all three of them are being hunted by law enforcement as armed fugitives who killed a bunch of police officers. It's possible it could have been longer. After they escape the police station in the subcompact car, they drive for hours until they run out of gas and push the car off the side of the road, find a drainage tunnel and talk about the future. Sarah has "her future dream" and she and Reese wake up in the morning. The next day, they then have to hitchhike back to Los Angeles to get supplies (If you watch the deleted scenes and read the script, Sarah decided the only way to stop the T-800 was to build bombs and blow up Cyber Dynamics, the predecessor to Cyberdyne Systems). Assuming Sarah's mother arrived at the police station after the shootout, with hundreds of police around and finds out her daughter is involved, she was questioned for hours and then went home. Which is the best thing she could do is wait for her at home for Sarah to call since pagers and cell phones are not readily available or affordable for most people in 1984. Regardless, Sarah didn't call her mother's cabin from the Tiki Motel until the next evening, at the very least.

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