C.H.U.D. (1984)

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Continuity mistake: When Daniel Stern takes Capt. Bosch down to the sewer area for the first time, the sweat, oil and dirt stains on his tank-top change constantly. This is most noticeable when they first descend into the cellar, where the shirt looks almost perfectly clean after being extremely dirty just a split second before as they start to climb down. Also, a little later, there's all of the sudden an enormous sweat stain on his chest that disappears later.

Continuity mistake: AJ took the pistol from Bosch and shot Wilson to stop him. As AJ comforts a wounded Bosch, the pistol is suddenly back in Bosch's belt before AJ gets there.

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Continuity mistake: The front tag on the cop car that Lauren steals is hung correctly. As she approaches the crowd, it's askew.

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Revealing mistake: When Wilson crashes the truck towards the end of the film, you can tell it's actually a stunt driver because he has a full head of hair.

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Plot hole: Captain Bosch and AJ steal George Cooper's photos, but not the negatives. George Cooper discovers the photos are missing, and could have just recreated the pictures from the negatives. He is looking for who took his pictures later. (00:37:30 - 00:53:00)


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