Trivia: The Montreal based thrah-meatal band "Aggression" sings about an invasion of CHUDs in their song "The Final Massacre".

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Trivia: The title inspired the name of the film news website "CHUD.com". However, in this case it means "Cinematic Happenings Under Development".

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Trivia: On "Tony Hawk's Underground", you can play as a character named T.H.U.D., a C.H.U.D.-like creator.

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Trivia: In one of his weekly strips, Stephan Notley's "Bob The Angry Flower" facilitates the reconciliation of C.H.U.D. and humans.

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Trivia: C.H.U.D. was a card in the "Church Of The Subgenius" card game.

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Revealing mistake: When Wilson crashes the truck towards the end of the film, you can tell it's actually a stunt driver because he has a full head of hair.

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Captain Bosch: Are you kidding? Your guy's got a camera. Mine's got a flamethrower.

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