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Dune picture

Other mistake: There is a scene in which Piter DeVries is talking about the Landsraad (one of the governmental organizations in Dune). Twice he mispronounces the name, saying "Lansdraad" instead.

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Sword of the Valiant picture

Other mistake: Early in the movie, Sir Gawain gets on his horse, in a full suit of armor, by himself. Later, he is hoisted onto his horse by what looks like an early design for a crane. Armor is heavy and Sir Gawain would have to be hoisted every time he wanted to ride with armor on.

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Children of the Corn picture

Other mistake: In the original theatrical trailer, Stephen King's name is misspelled as "Steven."

Hamster Premium member

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Suggested correction: Does a theatrical trailer error count as a movie mistake?

Jack Vaughan

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Suggested correction: This isn't a mistake. That's him, under the water in the same pose he was in before he touched the water.

After watching the scene, the mistake is valid. When he's underwater, he's not in the same "pose." That would require him to be upside down and squatting. But that's not the pose we see him in.


We see Mace semi-kneeling and reaching out to touch the water when he vanishes, but his upside-down reflection is still in the exact same calm position even when he's gone, and in the next shot we see Mace under the water right-side up, with his arms reaching up to the surface. This is a valid mistake, the suggested correction is not right.

Super Grover Premium member

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Gremlins picture

Other mistake: Stripe manages to get the TVs and video camera working in the department store even though Kate hadn't turned the power on yet.


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Conan the Destroyer picture

Other mistake: When Conan is fighting the Ape-man and his friends are watching behind the mirror, the cold air on their breath is actually cigarette smoke. You can see it swirling every time they speak. In one shot you can actually see Malak's hand move behind the other actor and he's holding the cigarette. I think this is why there are audio problems here, they had to dub the voices in because the actors couldn't speak with the smoke in their mouths. DVD viewing.

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Splash picture

Other mistake: When she breaks the TV's with her "voice" they pan to the salesmen. The glass display case is intact. Had her pitch actually been able to break glass the display case would have gone as well.

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Supergirl picture

Other mistake: The very last scene of the movie shows Supergirl flying underwater holding the Omegadron. Oddly enough, though her body is realistic, her arms are now very thin and measure two meters long.

Sacha Premium member

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Sheena picture

Other mistake: Despite living in the jungle of this fictional African country Sheena seems to have no problem being made up complete with blush, eyeliner, and lipstick.


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Ninja III: The Domination picture

Other mistake: This is just baffling; in the scene where Christie is wearing a rather sweat-stained pink top and Billy turns the music off asking her "Where have you been?" they are the only ones in the room, but someone out of frame throws what appears to be a puppet on Christie bed (!?). (00:45:45)

Sammo Premium member

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