The Ewok Adventure

Other mistake: When Mace and Cindel are running from the boar-wolf, sunlight is visible between the trees. It's supposed to be nighttime during this scene.

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The Ewok Adventure mistake picture

Other mistake: Mace's reflection can still be seen on the pond after he disappears.


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New this week Suggested correction: This isn't a mistake. That's him, under the water in the same pose he was in before he touched the water.

After watching the scene, the mistake is valid. When he's underwater, he's not in the same "pose." That would require him to be upside down and squatting. But that's not the pose we see him in.


Other mistake: Mace disappears into the pond when he touches the water. The Ewoks then use a rope to free him. As this happens, a green sort of ripple is created. However when Mace falls into the pond, no green ripple was created.

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Other mistake: When Cindel, Mace and the Ewoks are on their quest, Mace can be briefly seen looking directly at the camera. This occurs just before they are in the desert.


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Other mistake: Wicket stabs the spider, but his knife is completely clean when he removes it. Not even a trace of blood on it.

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There are two Ewoks Wicket's parent is in search of. One of the those Ewoks is seen climbing down a mountain and the other has finished climbing down. As this happens, look at the Ewok not climbing. As he bends down, you can see half way down his left leg, there is some sort of fold there. This is mainly due to the fact that the Ewok actors wore costumes whilst filming. The fold is coming from the Ewok costume.