The Ewok Adventure

The Ewok Adventure (1984)

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Revealing mistake: There are two Ewoks Wicket's parent is in search of. One of the those Ewoks is climbing down a mountain and the other has finished climbing down. As this happens, look at the Ewok not climbing. As he bends down, half way down his left leg, there is some sort of fold there. This is mainly due to the fact that the Ewok actors wore costumes whilst filming. The fold is coming from the Ewok costume. (00:07:50)

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Continuity mistake: The tree creature pulls Mace's right hand and arm into the tree. Later, after giving Cindel the medicine, an Ewok examines the wound, which has switched to his left hand.

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Suggested correction: This isn't a mistake. That's him, under the water in the same pose he was in before he touched the water.

After watching the scene, the mistake is valid. When he's underwater, he's not in the same "pose." That would require him to be upside down and squatting. But that's not the pose we see him in.


We see Mace semi-kneeling and reaching out to touch the water when he vanishes, but his upside-down reflection is still in the exact same calm position even when he's gone, and in the next shot we see Mace under the water right-side up, with his arms reaching up to the surface. This is a valid mistake, the suggested correction is not right.

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Audio problem: When the spider is attacking Wicket, Cindel screams but we can see Cindel when she screams (left hand corner when Wicket is pushed onto the floor) and her mouth isn't moving.

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Continuity mistake: The ferret present during the scene where Wicket and Cindel talk about star cruisers disappears between shots. This is most noticeable when Mace walks in and begins talking to Cindel.

Other mistake: When Mace and Cindel are running from the boar-wolf, sunlight is visible between the trees. It's supposed to be nighttime during this scene.

Other mistake: Mace disappears into the pond when he touches the water. The Ewoks then use a rope to free him. As this happens, a green sort of ripple is created. However when Mace falls into the pond, no green ripple was created.

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Other mistake: When Cindel, Mace and the Ewoks are on their quest, Mace can be briefly seen looking directly at the camera. This occurs just before they are in the desert. (01:07:05)

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Revealing mistake: When the light goes in The Gorax's face, The Gorax starts hitting the rocky cavern walls next to him. As he does this, the walls wobble showing us it's a fake.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the spider is attacking one of the Ewoks and one of the other Ewoks uses a magic spell on the spider, wires can be seen on the spider. (01:16:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Mace says "How are we going to get my parents down", he turns his head downwards towards the Ewoks. In the next shot his head is now facing upwards looking towards the cage and not at the Ewoks.

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Revealing mistake: When the Ewok throws a stone at the Gorax, he acts as if the stone is hitting him but you can tell the stone never actually entered the shot.

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Mace: Listen, as soon as I get my gun, we're history, we're outta this place.
Cindel: Why can't we stay here with them?
Mace: Stay here with these walking hairbrushes? Come on Cindel, the're animals.

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