Best thriller movie mistakes of 1980

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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back picture

Visible crew/equipment: When C-3PO is on the conveyor belt, if you look in the reflection in his head you can see the camera crew. (01:26:40)

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The Shining picture

Continuity mistake: While breaking down the bathroom door with the axe, Jack repeatedly strikes and damages the right hand panel, but as he turns away from the door (when he hears the snow-cat) both left and right panels have been damaged.

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Friday the 13th picture

Factual error: At the climax of the movie, Alice swings the machete at Mrs. Voorhees and decapitates her. When the blade makes contact with Mrs. Voorhees' neck, her head flies off at an incorrect angle, as though the cut began on the opposite side.

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The Mirror Crack'd picture

Factual error: The first thing on screen after the opening credits is the year the film is set in, 1953. How then, do Kim Novak and Tony Curtis make their arrival in a Cadillac convertible, which is quite obviously of 1959 vintage? (00:19:44)

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Flash Gordon picture

Continuity mistake: The egg timer in the jail is about to run out, but when Dale runs over to it and tries to turn it over, there is more sand in it than before.

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The Fog picture

Continuity mistake: When the windows on Nick's truck are smashed, Elizabeth has protective gloves on when she covers her face from the glass, they are then gone when the truck comes to a halt.

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Dressed to Kill picture

Deliberate mistake: Has there ever been a more obvious body double than the one used for Angie Dickinson in the shower scene? Not only does the top of every shot stop right at the collarbones, she is much taller than Dickinson, she has a much deeper tan and (of course) her breasts are much, much bigger.

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The Long Good Friday picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Harris and the two Irish men have been killed at the end and the car crashes on top of the other the ramp used to make it fly is visible.

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Raise the Titanic picture

Continuity mistake: During the placing and arming of the explosive probes, twice the probe being placed is a completely different number to the one that is then promptly armed.

Low Cow

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The Stunt Man picture

Factual error: A film about the making of a film. A car is filmed going off a bridge, and the footage is played back repeatedly. Throughout, the car is referred to as a Duesenberg, even though, in nearly every shot, the Mercedes tri-sected circle logo is visible above the radiator.

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Saturn 3 picture

Audio problem: When Benson is dismantling Hector and putting his brain in the container, he says 'What you can't stand, you run from,' but his lips don't match what he says. (00:48:50)


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American Gigolo picture

Continuity mistake: When Julian Kay is tearing apart his Mercedes to look for the stolen jewels, he is seen pulling some plastic off the driver's door, in the next shot, you can still see the plastic attached to the car door.


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Altered States picture

Plot hole: In the last tank experience, the ones watching are looking at a morphing of Dr Jessup's face. Problem is: There's no camera in the tank.


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The Changeling picture

Continuity mistake: When John is pushing his car through the snow (with his wife and daughter) you can see the snow on the road is thick and solid. When John enters the phone box the snow suddenly becomes very slushy and muddy. (00:01:30)

Jack Vaughan

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Death Ship picture

Visible crew/equipment: As George Kennedy appears on the bridge in full German uniform and calls Marshall up, two camera crew can be seen to the left of the bridge. One on the ladder pointing a large camera at Kennedy. (00:51:55)

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Revealing mistake: In this very-low-budget but star-studded flick about UFO contactees and cattle mutilations, Jan Michael Vincent's semi-auto handgun runs out of ammo during a firefight after firing only 3 rounds (the slide locks open, indicating the magazine is empty). Without reloading or racking the slide, Vincent continues firing 5 more rounds; but we see again, in close-up, that the slide is locked open, indicating an empty magazine. (01:00:55)

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: It's not a full costume. Kenny steals the mask and what looks like a small waistcoat (leaving even the hat). It's not implausible that Kenny made a quick change (probably after killing Ed) to formal wear (which isn't what Ed was wearing). After Ed's murder, Kenny-as-Ed appears briefly only from the waist up (showing only the stolen mask and waistcoat), and then doesn't appear again for quite a few minutes, more than enough time to change to the formal wear.

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