Altered States

Altered States (1980)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Emily is listening to a recording of Eddie's experience in the isolation tank from a previous scene. The recording is slightly different than what actually happened. The growl that Eddie makes in the recording is different from the one he made in the actual scene and Mason's line "Sounds like he was having a bad trip to me" happens instantly after asking Eddie if he is all right, while in the actual scene the he said the line after several seconds. (00:45:50 - 01:18:00)

Plot hole: In the last tank experience, the ones watching are looking at a morphing of Dr Jessup's face. Problem is: There's no camera in the tank.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning during the house gathering, the toilet seat is up while Arthur is gathering ice from a bag that is in the bathtub. We cut to a shot of Emily and then back to Arthur, where the toilet seat is down. (00:06:40)

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