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Thunderball picture

Other mistake: During the sequence where Bond flees the baddies during the carnival, it becomes clear that the locals made their own outfits. For a few seconds, we see a group with headpieces that read "007" - so much for "secret" agent. To add a bit of humour to the moment, a dog can be seen urinating against the passing parade.

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For a Few Dollars More picture

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film, you see Colonel Mortimer traveling on a train while reading a bible. He has a Indian squaw and a gentleman wearing glasses and a derby sitting across from him. A conductor comes by to pick up their tickets. Colonel Mortimer asks the conductor, "is it far to Tucamcari?" The conductor replies, "we pass there in three to four minutes." The gentleman with glasses starts to tell the Colonel that he is on the wrong train. As he tells him this, look out the train window and see a car driving off into the distance. (00:04:30)


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Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines picture

Other mistake: The Japanese plane and the German plane are actually the same aircraft type, a British Design called an "Eardly Billing." The "Japanese" version is re-dressed with canvas partitions between the wings, painted dragons, etc, the "German" has no canvas and German eagles, but they are the same machine.

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Shenandoah picture

Other mistake: When Jimmy Stewart talks to George Kennedy about the taking of his son as prisoner. Right after they look at the map. Look over the shoulder of Kennedy in next few frames. You can see a white vehicle move across the horizon under the mountains. Looks like a white van or truck. With a HD TV, you can even see the dust trail as the vehicle moves left across screen.


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Village of the Giants picture

Other mistake: Toward the end, Genius and Wolf (the dog) are in the lab, Genius suddenly shouts at the dog, "Hey, don't do that. Keep away." The dog wasn't doing anything except wiggle his ears a little. He made no move whatsoever toward the glass jar Genius wants him to stay away from.


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The Ipcress File picture

Other mistake: When Palmer raids the factory in search of Radcliffe, he summons a Land Rover to break down the warehouse door with a silent wave of his hand, but the Land Rover appears from behind a corner and therefore could not have seen him.

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The Eye Creatures picture

Other mistake: This film was retitled for video, but whoever was responsible made an error. It was retitled Attack Of The The Eye Creatures with 'The' written twice in the title.

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The Cincinnati Kid picture

Other mistake: Just before Ladyfingers starts as the dealer in the big poker game, we are shown how skilled she is, with a close-up of her hands doing an expert shuffle of the deck. Lancey even tells her she hasn't lost her touch. But then she deals the third and fourth cards so badly that they flip in the air and are easily seen as a red deuce and a black deuce. It happens toward the bottom of the screen but slowing down the DVD makes it obvious.

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The Sound of Music picture

Other mistake: At the end of the Do-Re-Mi number, as Maria and the children are going up the stairs at the end of the song, Kurt still has his mouth open, even though the song has finished.

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Battle of the Bulge picture

Other mistake: One of General Grey's orderlies begins to leave the room before he even issues the order for the orderlies to vacate the room.


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In Harm's Way picture

Other mistake: After being torpedoed, John Wayne orders Burke to radio Pearl Harbor. Burke asks "And break radio silence?" to which Wayne sarcastically replies "don't you think the Japanese know our position?" Actually, a submerged WWII sub could not transmit (radio) without surfacing. Having run up on the submerged sub by chance, only the sub knew their position at that moment. Breaking radio silence did in fact give their position away to the Japanese command.

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Suggested correction: A W WII submarine usually surfaced to fire a torpedo thus raising a radio antenna above the water, allowing broadcasting.

Surface torpedo attacks occurred only at night less they give away their position in daylight.

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The Sons of Katie Elder picture

Other mistake: Moving them to Laredo early in the morning, except it's noon by the wagon shadows.

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Von Ryan's Express picture

Other mistake: When Ryan arrives at the camp he observes a funeral taking place yet when he goes to meet the camp Commandant he asks what they are celebrating outside.

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Suggested correction: I would agree that a funeral is not really an occasion for "celebration." The British regiment are holding a funeral for one of their dead officers: they are speaking English, and since Colonel Ryan is a US soldier, he can fully understand what they are saying, and he should know what is going on. He has worked out that a funeral service is in progress, but, having only just arrived at the POW camp, he will not know all the details of what is going on, and might be interested to know more. It might be insensitive to ask one of the British soldiers, so he decides to ask one of the Italian guards instead. Now, Colonel Ryan's history previous to the start of the film is not described, but he must have experienced some harrowing events in his military career, and this has probably left him feeling cynical and bitter, so he is probably using sarcasm. After all, Colonel Ryan is rather sarcastic throughout the rest of the film, too.

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The Hill picture

Other mistake: In various scenes during the movie, a stretcher with the dead body of Stevens is being carried around the prison. There is obviously nothing on the stretcher but a blanket. There is no body, whether actor, dummy or other, just a blanket over an empty stretcher.

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Two on a Guillotine picture

Other mistake: Dean Jones and Connie Stevens are riding in a gondola of a skyway ride at a seaside amusement park. The gondola they are in is obviously on a studio soundstage. It is much larger than the gondolas shown in the rear-screen projection. In addition, there are no riders in any of the other gondolas and the gears and cables of the ride make absolutely no sound.

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Dr. Terror's House of Horrors picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, the composer of the movie score is credited as "Elizabeth Lutyens", with a Z. Her proper name was Elisabeth, with an S. (00:00:50)

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Ten Little Indians picture

Other mistake: When the General tells the story of how he received the invitation, he mentions that Owen claimed friendship with someone else who was also supposed to be there. Turns out that the Judge was supposed to meet 'legal friends', and Mrs. Bergen meet people from the film business. It's hard to imagine how anyone - especially one with the General's temper, or a capricious film star - would fail to mention the fact earlier and calmly go on with the situation when it should have been obvious hours earlier that the people they were supposed to meet not only were not there, but were not expected nor even supposed to be. Anyone would have been livid about being so blatantly conned from the beginning. (00:19:00)

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Inside Daisy Clover picture

Other mistake: After her mother dies, Daisy puts her head in the oven and turns the gas on by turning the red button clockwise - we can hear the gas. But then someone is at the door, she turns the red button clockwise again, not anticlockwise, and the gas shuts off.


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The Heroes of Telemark picture

Other mistake: When Knut and Rolf leave Anna in the car on their way to plant the explosives on the ferry, they instruct her to wait no more than 2 hours for them. Once on the ferry, the earliest time seen on the alarm clocks is about 01:10 so we can assume that Knut and Rolf left Anna sometime before 01:00. When they return to the car after the explosives have been planted, you get a brief glimpse of Anna's watch which shows the time as 03:35; a full 2 hours 25 minutes after the 01:10 we saw on the clock yet Anna states that there are 9 minutes left. (01:44:06 - 01:53:57)

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That Darn Cat picture

Other mistake: FBI Agent Kelso believes a cat may be able to lead him to the location of a kidnapped bank teller. He has four other men trying to follow the cat. When Agent Cahill reports that he is stationed "west of Whittier Street," Kelso sticks an identifying pin on a large map but he puts the pin in a location east of Whittier Street.

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