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Von Ryan's Express (1965)

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Corrected entry: At one point, the German train that has been hijacked by Allied prisoners is attacked by "German" aircraft. The planes are clearly not WWII aircraft or even replicas. They are modern civilian planes - probably Beechcraft, painted camouflage and bearing German insignia.

Correction: The answer is not entirely correct. The aircraft are copies of the Messerschmitt ME-108, a side by side, two seat liaison aircraft that resembles the ME-109 fighter in basic fuselage design. The movie "fighters" are, more than likely, postwar French built copies by the Morane Company. The post war French AF used them as did some other European countries.

Revealing mistake: In the opening sequence when Colonel Ryan's plane has crashed and is on fire, you can see a metal pole supporting a burning aircraft shell, not a real plane.

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Question: Why didn't the prisoners just walk through the tunnel to Switzerland on the other side?

Answer: The majority of prisoners were heading towards Switzerland through the tunnel, only a few prisoners with weapons were acting as a rear guard to hold off the German troops chasing them and buy the prisoners time to escape.


All the prisoners were on the train. I've contended before, they didn't need to fix the track. Just leave the train on the bridge and go straight through the tunnel. That route HAD to be shorter than going around on the walkway, and they would have had a much larger head start than waiting to fix the track.


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