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Family Guy picture

Brian the Bachelor - S4-E7

Deliberate mistake: In season 4 episode 7, 'Brian the Bachelor'. Cleveland is sitting in a chair in a waiting room and is getting really nervous. Peter tries to help him by tying him to a chair and when that doesn't work, he takes off all of their clothes. Peter ties Cleveland's hands to the arms of the chair and then takes Cleveland's clothes off. He couldn't have taken the shirt off while Cleveland's hands were tied to something without untying him or ripping the shirt, which he didn't do.

Jack Kaltenbach
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The Fairly OddParents picture

Boys in the Band / Hex Games - S2-E2

Deliberate mistake: When AJ and Chester show Timmy "The Timmy Tuck", AJ says it has a 1400 degree turn. The diagram shows 140°.

unkajes Premium member
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars pictureStar Wars: The Clone Wars mistake picture

Nightsisters - S3-E12

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning, Asajj Ventress is wearing an outfit with a long skirt. When she is rescued from her damaged starfighter by the scavengers, the skirt has vanished. This was done because the animators found the skirt too difficult to animate. This is also why she receives a brand new outfit that never had a long skirt later in the episode. (00:08:20)

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King of the Hill picture

Be True to Your Fool - S7-E19

Deliberate mistake: Hank only discovers the tattoo on the back of his head after having his hair shaved off. There is no way, however, he wouldn't have noticed it before this. The tattoo artist had to shave hair off the back of his head before putting on the tattoo. While he might have not realised right away, the pain the following day and the fact that he would have noticed a large part of his hair missing would make it unavoidable.

Lummie Premium member
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The Simpsons picture

The Trouble With Trillions - S9-E20

Deliberate mistake: When Homer is being interrogated by the IRS, his package is briefly replaced by a ball of string when the IRS agent sits down in the chair and spins around.

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Futurama picture

Space Pilot 3000 - S1-E1

Deliberate mistake: When the world is counting down to the new year, we see people in various countries, Egypt, the USA etc all counting down together. Because of time zone differences this isn't possible. [It is a little joke.] (00:01:35)

David Mercier
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South Park picture

Volcano - S1-E2

Deliberate mistake: When the boys are hunting in the forest, then they start to crawl after the rabbit, however, the background behind them is static as if they were crawling in place.

Moose Premium member
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Star Wars: Clone Wars picture

Chapter 5 - S1-E5

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning of the chapter, as the scene switches to the surface fighting on Muunilinst, we see a score of droids blasted before the Republic Army's heavy artillery is brought in. But there are no remains on the droids to be seen after the smoke has cleared, whereas there should be something left.

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Ben 10 picture

Hunted - S1-E5

Deliberate mistake: When Sixsix impacts with the ground due to Greymatter sabotaging his jet pack, the furrow he ploughs into the ground is already present when he skips across the ground.

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Teen Titans picture

Stranded - S4-E9

Deliberate mistake: When the T-Ship is hit from the blast from the exploding space station, it spins around for a while before it re-stabilizes. Just before it does so, look out of Raven's canopy: the background outside with the stars and even a planet spin as the ship does, whereas realistically it should remain calm and stable.

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SpongeBob SquarePants picture

Wormy / Patty Hype - S2-E7

Deliberate mistake: Spongebob blew a bubble to capture the butterfly while wearing that fishbowl on his head.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! picture

Winning Through Intimidation - S1-E15

Deliberate mistake: In the actual card game, attacking the castle ring would not be allowed, but this is probably done in order to enhance the show for kids.

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Bluey picture

Grannies - S1-E35

Deliberate mistake: Bandit is knocked over while carrying a basket of laundry. But the Heeler family never wear clothes.

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Spider-Man picture

Night of the Lizard - S1-E1

Deliberate mistake: When the sewer worker is trying to escape the Lizard, the fast lanes in both directions of traffic are visibly clear for several blocks, which is extremely unlikely in downtown New York. (00:01:10)

Phaneron Premium member
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Raw Power - S1-E3

Deliberate mistake: As usual when the Hulk reverts back into Bruce Banner, he is left wearing nothing but tattered pants. When Mitch McCutcheon sneaks Bruce Banner into the nuclear research facility, Banner is shown wearing his usual outfit of a gray collared shirt tucked into purple slacks that are intact. Given that the Hulk was just in the middle of the Nevada desert, Bruce Banner would be in no position to have a change of clothes on him, and the idea that the top secret facility would have an exact match of his go-to outfit is ludicrous.

Phaneron Premium member
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The Adventures of Tintin picture

The Secret of the Unicorn: Part 1 - S1-E3

Deliberate mistake: After Francis Haddock kills Red Rackham, he lights a fuse to the explosives. The fuse that was lit is only a foot long, yet he is somehow able to climb out the ship without anyone noticing, get into a boat and swim all the way to land before it explodes. At a foot long it would have exploded in 10 - 15 seconds, all of that would taken at least 10 minutes. (00:18:45)

Casual Person
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X-Men picture

Show generally

Deliberate mistake: There's at least two episodes (Season 1's "Captive Hearts" and Season 4's "Sanctuary, Part 1") in which a character shows video footage of the X-Men and various supporting characters in action, but the footage is merely clips from previous episodes.

Phaneron Premium member
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The Cleveland Show picture

Hot Cocoa Bang Bang - S2-E22

Deliberate mistake: In this episode, it is revealed Donna and Robert got together because Robert saved her from a water fountain. In "Another Bad Thanksgiving", it was shown Donna's sister introduced Robert to Donna. (00:02:20)

Casual Person
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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends picture

Best Dressed Engine - S7-E22

Deliberate mistake: When Thomas goes by the level crossing, a close up of Thomas is shown but it's the same footage from season 1, only flipped. Because of this, Thomas' number is mirrored.

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Superman: The Animated Series picture

Identity Crisis - S2-E6

Deliberate mistake: Season 2, episode 6 "Identity Crisis": When Bizarro starts decaying into the parody form of Superman, his costume goes with it; the blue fades, and even the 'S' insignia changes. Strange that superhero garments change right alongside their wearers when they suffer from an unstable genetic effect. Were the clothes cloned right onto his body, instead of sewn?

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