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My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas picture

Other mistake: When Ponies are flying back home from North Pole, you can see Cotton Candy among them. as a pegasus.

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Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave picture

Other mistake: When Wallace sees the meat mincer, he says 'Now that's clever', but on the English DVD, the subtitles say 'Now the fat's cooked'.

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A Bout with a Trout picture

Other mistake: When Lulu is looking at herself in a three sided mirror as a monkey, the reflections do not match up with her position of her hands. Most noticeably with the reflection on the right side. (00:05:40)

Quantom X Premium member
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Ant Pasted picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, Manuel Perez's first name is misspelled as "Manual."

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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown picture

Other mistake: At the very beginning, just after Lucy and Linus exit the house, walk down the house steps and make it to the grass, the house steps do a little "jump". (00:00:20)

Professor Zed
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The Little Cars in the Great Race picture

Other mistake: The canister that Wrangler knocks over when he taints the Champ's fuel supply starts spilling oil onto the ground. A puddle can be seen being made from the spilt oil and is shown spreading across the ground just before the scene ends. When the oil puddle is found the next day, it is virtually the exact same size as it was the previous night when the scene ended, even though the puddle was in the middle of spreading across the ground. (00:20:35 - 00:24:25)

Casual Person
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On Ice picture

Other mistake: In the opening shot, while Horace and Clarabelle are skating in the foreground, you can also see them skating in the background.

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False Hare picture

Other mistake: When the Big Bad Wolf is demonstrating to Bugs how to ring the bell properly (so the trap works), his hand lands on the side of the bell instead of the top, yet the trap still works and the bell still dings.

Heather Benton Premium member
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Guided Muscle picture

Other mistake: Philip De Guard is the cartoon's layout artist, yet when we see his name in the opening credits, it is spelled "Phillip" instead of the usual "Philip."

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Stupor Duck picture

Other mistake: When Stupor Duck looks into the mirror and sees that the shoulder pads on his costume are positioned incorrectly, look at the mirror and you can see that the "S" on his costume is the right way round - it should be back to front.

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Baseball Bugs picture

Other mistake: At the start of the baseball game, the announcer says that the Gas House Gorillas are the visiting team, yet on the scoreboard they are shown above the Tea Totallers.

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By Word of Mouse picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, Ted Bonnicken's surname is misspelt as "Bonnickson."

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Pop Goes the Easel picture

Other mistake: After Moe has painted the cop's face with a paint brush, the Stooges walk across a floor that is covered with wet black paint, yet when they are in the room in the next shot, they leave no footprints on the floor.

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Slap Happy Lion picture

Other mistake: After the fade out, the "The End" board shows it as an "MGM Tom and Jerry Cartoon." The two stars were not in this short at all.

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Buccaneer Bunny picture

Other mistake: When Sam tries to bring Bugs down from the crows' nest/elevator, he pushes the "Up" button and brings it down.

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Hare Force picture

Other mistake: During one scene where Bugs Bunny is barbecuing his carrot on a skewer near the fireplace, the carrot incorrectly appears behind the flames of the fire.

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Precious picture

Other mistake: After Precious has her baby, Abdul, her school friends visit her in the hospital as her nurse, "John," is eating lunch with her. When John introduces himself to Precious' friends, he says he is a nurse's aide, and then later refers to himself as "Nurse John." When he stands up to leave the hospital room, you can see the word "NURSE" on his hospital ID badge pinned to his scrubs.

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Portal: No Escape picture

Other mistake: When the captive begins her escape, she kicks the bed through the orange portal offscreen, but the portal only starts about a foot off the ground, so the bed would have hit the wall, rather than have gone through the portal.

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A Bird in a Guilty Cage picture

Other mistake: When Sylvester is looking in the mirror whilst trying on hats, one of the hats has a price tag on it which reads $105.95. However, you can see the price numbering is the right way round - it should be back to front.

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A Pizza Tweety-Pie picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, Tom O'Loughlin's surname is spelt as "O'Laughlin."

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