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Other mistake: When you have all 120 stars and see Yoshi on top of the castle Yoshi will start saying: Mario it that really you? "It" should be "is".

Super Mario 64 mistake picture
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Other mistake: In the opening credits Billy's name is misspelled as Bimmy. Bimmy and Jimmy, instead of Billy and Jimmy.

Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: A New Hope, Level 4: Rescue The Princess - When the Falcon lands on The Death Star, nothing is around the ship. In the next shot, a couple of Stormtroopers have suddenly appeared around it.

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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: The Land of Chocolate: When Homer looks into the window of the Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe and looks at the half price chocolate, he walks over to the window and stands in the centre of it, but in the next shot, he is suddenly standing at the corner of the window as the window frame is visible beside him.

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The Simpsons Game mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Kaiser-Friedrich Museum: At the door way of the first checkpoint, if you turn around and look at the wall next to the window standing more towards the wall on the left, you see light on the wall in a small spot that is in front of you by the other doorway. If you move Karl over just a little bit to the right, the light disappears on the wall. And it is not Karl blocking the light.

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Sniper Elite V2 mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Marriage Counselling: When Michael walks into his house at the start of the cutscene, keep an eye on the bouquet of white roses, shown in the hallway to the left of shot. In the very first frame, the white roses have been animated very brightly. After that first frame, the white roses suddenly shift to a much more shadowed white.

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Grand Theft Auto V mistake picture
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Bug: Labyrinth of Death: In the rafter like area after the beginning spawn zone, on the right side of it on the top level, there is an explodable propane tank there. Sometimes when viewing it, it will be partly stuck in the ground as if it sank through the metal.

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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army mistake picture
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Bug: In Episode II, as Obi-Wan lands on Geonosis, in the shot when the ship comes down, its shadow does not grow as it should.

Lego Star Wars mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Prologue: The lipstick Padme drops in the opening clip vanishes as the level starts.

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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars mistake picture
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Revealing mistake: The Apocalypse/Mayhem: During the cut scene before your first battle with Straga, various Angels and Demons are fighting. It shows one Minion Demon holding an Angel Soldier, and in the over head shot he's holding the Angel's torso up off the ground. When it cuts to a side angle just before the Demon rips out the Angel's throat, suddenly the Angel is not only on the ground, but almost completely inside the ground with just part of his face and torso sticking out in a bad animation moment.

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Darksiders mistake picture
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New this month Other mistake: Huntress: If you wear the Forest Eagle-Owl Skull head piece on Huntress, with the Red Sarafan body, the vale on the head dress will clip through the fur coat part on Huntress' back as she turns her head.

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Dead by Daylight mistake picture
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Bug: Woodman Stage: After defeating the second Friender enemy (the large fire breathing blue cats), if you hang to the right of the screen when jumping down to the next area and are still hanging in the air when the screen scrolls over, MegaMan will phase right through he wall instead of going under it, just before reaching the third Friender.

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Mega Man 2 mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: In the last cut scene for the battle on the bridge, there is a shot where Indy, Willie, Short Round and Mola Ram are hanging on for dear life. There is another scene and after that Willie and Short Round are gone from the shot when they should be in it.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Episode 1: Night of the Mutants - In the sewer, Sketch has to defeat Stigril. After doing that he then climbs down the comic strip and lands in another part of the sewer, where there are two barrels set on fire. Destroy these and leap to the next part of the comic. Visible to the left hand side of the image, is a skeleton. As Sketch leaps over the next part of the comic, the skeleton vanishes from shot.

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Comix Zone mistake picture
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Bug: Often times on some doors, the shadow of a zombie or human can be seen going through the door, and sometimes walls as well.

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Contagion mistake picture
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Other mistake: In a lot of older games, a 2D sprite would just be flipped showing a character turning around, so older games it would be normal to have an item in a character's left hand but turn around and it be in the right. However this game is a 2.5 D game with 3D characters and most of them don't have this issue. Like Auto having a hook like extension as his right hand with it staying consistent to his right if he turns around. However when Rock (MegaMan) rushes in after Dr. Wily breaks in, he has a vacuum like broom device in his right hand. When Dr. Wily lifts off out of there, Rock turns around and suddenly the broom jumps to his left hand, staying towards the screen. You even see it stay in his right hand as he's turning but then suddenly jumps to his other hand.

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Mega Man 11 mistake picture
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Revealing mistake: Lockdown: In the Med Lab section of the space station, there are plants growing along the walls and the floor in one hallway. If you go past and into the next room, some of the leaves of a bush are sticking through the wall in a clipping error.

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Killing Floor 2 mistake picture
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Factual error: In the Gamecube version the last entry in George Trevor's diary is dated "November 31st" November only has 30 days.

Resident Evil mistake picture
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Bug: Sky Ruins: right in the beginning you come to a turbine with a large spinning fan inside. On either side is a path, one a dead end the other leading to a switch. There is a door in the wall leading to a third path which is the direction you need to go. You must hit the switch to open the door to get past, unless you exploit this glitch. If when going through the turbine and your Spectraball gets wedged between the fan blade and that door, the collision causes the door to suddenly just begin drifting off and floating through the air slowly and will just keep going. This lets you pass without hitting the switch.

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Spectraball mistake picture
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Bug: By using the Set Restart feature in this one area, you can glitch yourself to be walking under the water. Here you can walk among some nicely animated fish.

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 mistake picture
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