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Orange Is the New Black (2013)

3 mistakes in season 5

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Storm-y Weather - S5-E13

Character mistake: The officers count the inmates and say there's 10 missing. There are indeed 10 inmates hiding in the pool. However, Pennsatucky and Chang had escaped the prison. The officers counted Linda as an inmate, who had been hiding in Litchfield the whole season, and wasn't on the list. That would make it 11 people missing, not 10.

Full Bush, Half Snickers - S5-E7

Continuity mistake: When Red and Flores are texting Piscatella to come into the prison from Humps' phone, in one of the texts, Humps says "Thx" and Piscatella texts "Np". The time Red and Flores send is 4:59 and the text is sent from iMessage. When Piscatella checks his phone the time is 4:56, the messages were sent by the opposite people, and it's an Android phone, incompatible with iMessage. (00:53:03)

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Trivia: At the beginning of each episode, those are the faces of real inmates.

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Answer: You would need to be more specific as to which inmate to get an answer as to who possibly belongs in the mental ward. In general; usually the only mentally ill prisoners who go to the mental ward are inmates who show obvious psychotic breaks like Loli and crazy eyes as, with the conditions of prison, it's often difficult to tell who is mentally ill and whose frustrated from the conditions. Many of them are also only there temporarily. Crazy Eyes, first example, was in the mental ward. Her mother fought and won to get her out.

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