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Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 I Wasn't Ready 1
2 Tit Punch 0
3 Lesbian Request Denied 1
4 Imaginary Enemies 0
5 The Chickening 0
6 WAC Pack 0
7 Blood Donut 2
8 Moscow Mule 1
9 Fucksgiving 0
10 Bora Bora Bora 0
11 Tall Men with Feelings 0
12 Fool Me Once 0
13 Can't Fix Crazy 0
Season 2
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1 Thirsty Bird 0
2 Looks Blue, Tastes Red 0
3 Hugs Can Be Deceiving 0
4 A Whole Other Hole 0

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Piper Chapman: Sorry about your dildo, Boo. Cost of doing business. I'll make it up to you.
Big Boo: Damn, Chapman. That is some stone-cold shit.
Piper Chapman: I don't fuck around.



Tiffany asks a guard where he would go if he could travel back in time. He says he would return to 1999 to attend a Judas Priest concert he missed. He says he wasn't able to get close to Rob Halford. The problem is Rob Halford was not the lead singer of Judas Priest in 1999. Tim 'Ripper' Owens was.



In the flashback scene when Gloria is being arrested outside her store, there is a cardboard cut out of Andrew McCarthy, who is an actor from the 80's (Mannequin, Weekend at Bernie's, etc) and also directs a few episodes.