The Legend of Zelda
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally6
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1The Ringer110
2Cold Spells48
3The White Knight67
4Kiss 'N Tell150
5Sing for the Unicorn36
6That Sinking Feeling0
8Underworld Connections0
9Stinging a Stinger0
10Hitch in the Works0
11Fairies in the Spring0
12The Missing Link0
13The Moblins Are Revolting0
The Legend of Zelda mistake picture

The Ringer - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Zelda has an amateur magician grow a large plant for her to use as a sling shot. He is standing beside Link as it grows and then suddenly disappears between shots. There was not enough time for him to have walked or run away. (00:11:40)

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Zelda: Nice job, hero.
Link: Hey, excuuuuse me, princess. (00:00:40)

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Hitch in the Works - S1-E10

Trivia: When Link is helping Zelda clean the castle, the song he is whistling is the theme to Super Mario Bros.

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