American Horror Story

Continuum - S2-E12

Character mistake: When Lana and Kit are speaking in the cafe, the window behind them contains a spelling mistake. The window reads "Bolyston Cafe" when it should say "Boylston Cafe." (00:31:45)

Welcome to Briarcliff - S2-E1

Character mistake: The doctor states that the devil resides in the "frontal gyrus, the occipital lobes" and taps on the guy's forehead. The occipital lobe is at the back of the brain. (00:35:50)

Protect the Coven - S3-E11

Character mistake: At the table when Laveau admits she was the one who hired Hank as a witch hunter, Fiona tells Cordelia "You're not just blind, you're wilfully blind" and backhands her on the right side of her face, knocking her to the floor. On the floor, Cordelia is holding the left side of her face.

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