Animaniacs (1993)

8 mistakes in season 3

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Star Truck - S3-E31

Continuity mistake: After the Enterprise smashes Korn's ship with a mallet, we see Yakko at rest in Captain Kork's chair. A moment before he stands up, Yakko's left elbow places itself on the armrest between frames. And, between the following pair of shots, Dot jumps several feet behind Wakko when Yakko says, "Promise not to sue us."


The Sound of Warners - S3-E39

Continuity mistake: When Ms. Flundergust is introduced to the Warners, she mispronounces Dot's name. Dot has both hands behind her back, but they jump in front of her between shots. Then within the next change of shots, both of Yakko's hands jump behind his back.


Valuable Lesson - S3-E54

Continuity mistake: When the Warners and network censors are in the lab for a demonstration of cartoon violence and its effects on a younger viewing audience, the painted 'L' on one of the lab's doors turns backwards, but several shots later it returns to normal.


Multiplication - S3-E34

Continuity mistake: When Yakko is multiplying 47 by 83, he walks away from the chalkboard and continues to sing. But one shot before he finishes solving the problem, the answer appears on the board.


Noah's Lark - S1-E144

Buster Bunny/Babs Bunny: Buster and Babs Bunny. No relation.
Noah: Let's hope not. It's a children's show.

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