Animaniacs (1993)

Episode list - season 1

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All season 1 mistakesMistakes
Show generally3
1Newsreel of the Stars #10
2Theme Song #10
4The Monkey Song2
5Nighty-Night Toon0
6End Credits - Standard0
7Yakko's World2
8Cookies for Einstein0
9Pinky and The Brain Introduction #10
10Win Big2
11Wheel of Morality #10
12Tower Escape by Cart0
13H.M.S. Yakko0
14Slappy Squirrel Introduction #10
15Slappy Goes Walnuts1
16Yakko's Universe0
17Tower Escape by Balloon0
18Hooked on a Ceiling0
19Wakko Projector0
20Goodfeathers: The Beginning1
21Wheel of Morality #20
22Tower Return by Ladder0
23Taming Of The Screwy1
24Flipper Parody0
25Temporary Insanity4
26Mindy and Buttons Introduction0
27Operation: Lollipop0
28What Are We?2
29Tower Escape by Flush0
30Piano Rag2
31When Rita Met Runt1
32Tower Return by Barber's Chair0
33The Warner's Lot Song0
34Randy Beaman #1 - Marshmallow0
35The Big Candy Store3
36Randy Beaman #2 - Crazy Guy0
37Bumbie's Mom2
38Tower Return by Catapult0
39Wally Llama0
40Pinky and The Brain Introduction #20
41Where Rodents Dare1
42Wheel of Morality #31
43King Yakko1
44Tower Escape by Soap Bubble0
45No Pain, No Painting1
46Les Miseranimals0
47Tower Return by Escalator0
48Tower Escape by Popcorn Skiing0
49Garage Sale of the Century1
50Fortune Cookies1
51West Side Pigeons4
52Hello Nice Warners3
53Hip Hippos Introduction0
54La Behemoth3
55Slappy Squirrel Introduction #20
56Little Old Slappy From Pasadena1
57Mime Time #1 - Trapped in an Imaginary Box0
58La La Law0
59Mime Time #2 - Throwing an Imaginary Football0
60Cat on a Hot Steel Beam4
61Mime Time #3 - Pulling an Imaginary Rope0
62Tower Escape by Cannon0
63Space Probed1
64Battle for the Planet0
65Chalkboard Bungle3
66Hurray for Slappy2
67The Great Wakkorotti: The Master and his Music0
68Good Idea Bad Idea #1 - Playing in a Marching Band0
69Roll Over, Beethoven3
70Good Idea Bad Idea #2 - Feeding Stray Kittens0
71The Cat and the Fiddle1
72Pavlov's Mice0
73Chicken Boo Introduction #10
74Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov0
75Tower Escape by Cannon and Cable Car0
76Nothing but the Tooth1
77Wheel of Morality #40
78Tower Return by Magic Carpet0
79Meatballs or Consequences3
80Dot's Poetry Corner #1 - Little Miss Muffet0
81A Moving Experience2
82Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago1
83Wakko's America1
84Davy Omlette0
85Pursuit - Flying out of Mount Rushmore0
86Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago1
87Alfred Hitchcock Presents Parody0
88Hearts of Twilight3
89The Boids0
90Guardin' the Garden0
91Plane Pals2
92Be Careful What You Eat0
93Yakko Sees Into the Future0
94Up the Crazy River0
95Warners Draw Blank Pictures0
96Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump Dump Dump0
97Wheel of Morality #50
98Yakko's World of Baldness0
99Opportunity Knox2
100Good Idea Bad Idea #3 - Roses0
101Wings Take Heart0
102Wheel of Morality #60
103Disasterpiece Theater0
104Hercule Yakko1
105Rita and Runt Introduction0
106Home on De-Nile1
107A Midsummer Night's Dream0
108Testimonial #1 - Sy Sykman0
109Babblin' Bijou0
110Testimonial #2 - Hedda Hopper0
111Potty Emergency1
112Testimonial #3 - Italian Man0
113Sir Yaksalot1
114Dot's Poetry Corner #2 - The Shoe0
115You Risk Your Life1
116I Got Yer Can2
117Jockey for Position1
118Dot's Poetry Corner #3 - Fuzzy Wuzzy0
119Good Idea Bad Idea #4 - Swimming Pool0
120Moby or Not Moby3
121Good Idea Bad Idea #5 - Alpine Skiing0
122Mesozoic Mindy2
123Good Idea Bad Idea #6 - Kissing0
124The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly0
125Good Idea Bad Idea #7 - Doing Your Own Work0
126End Credits - Lassie Theme0
127Good Idea Bad Idea #8 - Halloween0
128Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled0
129Moon Over Minerva0
130Skullhead Boneyhands0
131Draculee, Draculaa0
133Mime Time #4 - Gathering Imaginary Flowers0
134O Silly Mio0
135Puttin' on the Blitz0
136The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert0
137Mime Time #5 - Climbing an Imaginary Mountain0
138Tower Escape by Water Hose0
139Chairman of the Bored2
140Planets Song0
142Tower Return by Trampoline0
143Wakko Has a Cartoon in His Ear0
144Noah's Lark1
145Wakko Has a Cartoon in His Eye0
146Chicken Boo Introduction #20
147The Big Kiss0
148Wakko Has a Cartoon in His Mouth0
150Press Conference0
151Clown and Out0
152Bubba Bo Bob Brain0
153Wheel of Morality #70
154An Animaniacs Special Presentation0
155A Very Special Episode of Animaniacs0
156Animaniacs Test Kitchen0
157Mindy and The Brain Introduction0
158In the Garden of Mindy0
159Pinky and The Cat0
160We've Been Mixing Up the Scripts0
161No Place Like Homeless0
162Katie Kaboom Introduction0
163Katie Ka-Boo1
164We Found This Old Computer0
165Dotty the Squirrel Introduction0
166Baghdad Cafe0
167Wheel of Morality #80
168Critical Condition2
169Pursuit - Airplane0
170The Three Muska-Warners1
171Dough Dough Boys0
172Boot Camping0
173General Boo-Regard0
175Dot's Poetry Corner #4 - Ode to Jack1
176Good Idea Bad Idea #9 - Cleaning Up0
177Smitten With Kittens0
178Dot's Poetry Corner #5 - This Little Piggy0
179Alas, Poor Skullhead0
180White Gloves0
181Good Idea Bad Idea #10 - Playing an Accordion0
182Wheel of Morality #90
183Casablanca Parody0
184Tower Escape by Tower Elevator0
185Fair Game0
186Pursuit - Office Elevators0
187The Slapper0
188Puppet Rulers0
189Wheel of Morality #100
190Tower Return by Tower Elevator0
191Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter0
192Broadcast Nuisance2
193Good Idea Bad Idea #11 - Served in Bed0
194The Goodfeathers Introduction0
195Raging Bird0
196Good Idea Bad Idea #12 - Whistling0
197Animator's Alley #1 - Pies0
198Animator's Alley #2 - Fish Lips0
199Can't Buy A Thrill1
200Animator's Alley #3 - Bunion Boy0
202Animator's Alley #4 - Asleep0
203Of Nice and Men0
204What a Dump!0
205Pursuit - Running Towards Camera0
206Survey Ladies0
207Useless Fact #1 - Termites0
208The Senses Song0
209Useless Fact #2 - Eskimos0
210Dot's Poetry Corner #6 - Humpty Dumpty0
211The World Can Wait0
212Useless Fact #3 - Shrimp1
213Kiki's Kitten2
214Useless Fact #4 - Starfish0
215Mary Tyler Moore Parody0
216Windsor Hassle2
217Queen Mother Anviled0
218...And Justice for Slappy0
219Wheel of Morality #110
220Turkey Jerky0
221Wild Blue Yonder0
222Wheel of Morality #120
223Pursuit - Coming Out of a Manhole0
224Video Review0
225When Mice Ruled The Earth0
226Wheel of Morality #130
227Carol Burnett Show Parody0
228Newsreel of the Stars #20
229Dot's Poetry Corner #7 - Requiem for a Lamb0
230Mobster Mash1
231Mime Time #6 - Lifting an Imaginary Barbell0
232Lake Titicaca0
233Randy Beaman #3 - Piranha Cat0
235Good Idea Bad Idea #13 - Drinking Fresh Milk0
236Slippin' on the Ice0
237Snowy Titles0
238'Twas the Day Before Christmas0
239Good Idea Bad Idea #14 - Christmas Carols0
240Jingle Boo0
241The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert0
242Good Idea Bad Idea #15 - Finding Easter Eggs0
243Toy Shop Terror0
244Newsreel of the Stars #30
245A Christmas Plotz0
246Little Drummer Warners0
248The Warners and the Beanstalk0
249Frontier Slappy0
250Ups and Downs0
251The Brave Little Trailer0
252Yes, Always0
255I'm Cute0
256Randy Beaman #4 - Pop Rocks0
257Brain meets Brawn0
258Meet Minerva0
259Randy Beaman #5 - Hitchhiker0
260Gold Rush0
261Pursuit - Mailbox with Elephant0
262A Gift of Gold0
263Dot's Quiet Time0
264French Theme0
266The Helpinki Formula0
267Les Boutons et Le Ballon0
268Kung Boo0
269Of Course You Know, This Means Warners1
270Up a Tree0
271Wakko's Gizmo0
272Good Idea Bad Idea #16 - Circus0
273Oh, Oh, Ethel0
274Ink Blot Test0
275Meet John Brain0
276Smell Ya Later0
278Wheel of Morality #140
279Tower Escape by Condor0
281Woodstock Slappy0
282Tower Return by Lasso0
283Pursuit - Running Around a Corner0
285Cranial Crusader0
286The Chicken Who Loved Me0
287Dot's Poetry Corner #8 - Jack Sprat0
288Baloney and Kids0
289Super Buttons0
290Katie Ka-Boom: The Driving Lesson0
291Dot's Poetry Corner #9 - Thirty Days0
292Randy Beaman #6 - Dracula0
293Good Idea Bad Idea #17 - Going Trick or Treating0
294Scare Happy Slappy0
295Randy Beaman #7 - Tan0
296Witch One0
297Randy Beaman #8 - Lee Press-on Nails0
299With Three You Get Eggroll0
300Mermaid Mindy0
301Katie Ka-Boom: Call Waiting0
302Randy Beaman #9 - Baloney0
303Pursuit - Mini-Mart Rides0
304Lookit the Fuzzy Heads0
305Dot's Poetry Corner #10 - Old King Cole0
306No Face Like Home0
307Dot's Poetry Corner #11 - Ode to a Veggie0
308Randy Beaman #10 - Dog Food0
309Wheel of Morality #150
310My Father the Tuna0
311The Warners 65th Anniversary Special0
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Noah's Lark - S1-E144

Buster Bunny/Babs Bunny: Buster and Babs Bunny. No relation.
Noah: Let's hope not. It's a children's show.

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