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Continuity mistake: The precinct number (12th) is not firmly established until Episode 6 of Season 1 when we see that number painted on the elevator doors at 28:28. Prior to that (Episodes 1, 3, 4 and 5), shots of the outside of the building, including squad car markings, indicate it's the 9th Precinct. The first hint that it might be the 12th is in Episode 4 (01:20) when we see 12th Precinct collar brass on the uniformed officer. But we still see the 9th Precinct building and cars used through to Season 3: 1-1 (06:33); 1-1 (21:03); 1-3 (30:42); 1-4 (11:06); 1-5 (20:44); 1-10 (17:30); 2-3 (24:40); 2-8 (03:50); 2-9 (04:23); 2-15 (28:46); 2-18 (39:17); 2-19 (30:55); 2-20 (19:47); 2-21 (07:01); 2-22 (36:41); 2-23 (5:38); 2-23 (15:15); 2-24 (27:290; 3-1 (25:58); 3-7 (08:53). The first time we see a squad car marked "12th PCT" is 2-22 (02:19), and the first time we see a building marked "12" is 3-13 (33:39).


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Beckett: Richard Castle, you are under arrest for felony theft and obstruction of justice.
Castle: You forgot making you look bad.



At the end of the episode, the Mercedes S class that is burning is not the same car that Castle drove previously in the episode, it's an older model one. Either it's a mistake or has to do something with the plot resolution, decide yourselves...



Castle's Halloween costume is of Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion in the short-lived TV show "Firefly." Alexis asks him: "Didn't you wear that like five years ago?" Serenity, the film based on Firefly, was released 5 years before this episode aired.