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Abduction - S1-E13

Other mistake: Early on in this episode Regan is moaning about lawyers earning £30,000 a year and that he himself can just about afford a secondhand car, but later on in this episode he is driving a M registration ford Capri, which would have been brand new when this episode was made.

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Suggested correction: He is being metaphorical. Reagan is known for his florid turn of phrase.

Ringer - S1-E1

Character mistake: After Regan and co jump out the back of the police van and a punch up ensues, Brian Blessed quietly walks away to a white car to make his escape. Regan clocks this and goes after him. Brian Blessed lashes out and pushes Regan away, but growls "Carter..." instead.

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Suggested correction: Brian Blessed growls 'cozzer', not 'Carter'.

"Cozzer" means "copper."

Stay Lucky Eh? - S2-E9

Character mistake: Herbie is making an anonymous phone call to Tony Kirby arranging for him to meet Vaughan. He gives a time 3 o'clock but no location, how did Kirby know where to go when he didn't know who was making the call and no location was given? (00:41:56 - 00:42:25)

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Suggested correction: We don't hear the whole conversation. Herbie says "I thought you might like to meet him." Then it cuts to Mr. Kirby. He says "I think so" and is writing something down, but we don't hear what Herbie is saying. Then when he's finished writing he asks "what time?" It's safe to say Herbie was giving him the address and he was writing it down before being told "3:00."


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Trivia: The blue Ford Cortina squad car seen in series 1 and 2 has the reg number NHK 296M. Sometimes it is fitted with a false number DLO 97M on the front (as has been noted as a mistake). The programme makers had been supplied with two cars from Ford, this Cortina and a Consul GT. The Cortina was fitted with this false plate to make the squad look like it had more cars, and only one number plate (the white front one) was made up to keep costs down, as the Sweeney had a small budget. In the series 3 episode "Pay Off" DLO 97M is on a white Cortina, in series three the same Triumph 2000 is seen with number plates TPA 931N and UUV 931N - again it is the same car with different number plates.

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Hit and Run - S2-E5

Question: Towards the end of this episode the squad car has to double park so Regan can use a phone box, as Regan gets out of the car a van has to drive round the squad car and the driver sounds the horn, Regan gesticulates and shouts "up yours" at the van driver. I wonder if this was scripted or was a random moment and John Thaw was ad-libbing?

eric 64

Answer: Scripted.

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