The Waltons

The Test - S4-E20

Visible crew/equipment: When we hear Earl Hamner's voiceover at the start, the shadow of the camera crane is moving across the trees, as the camera pans from the Walton house to John at the new mill. (00:01:25)

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The Rumor - S6-E14

Revealing mistake: At the mill, when John tells Buck that Willie Brimmer might be at the Montgomery cabin with Jim-Bob, in the next closeup of John we see a billowy trail of smoke at the bottom right corner of the screen, but the only people standing there are Elizabeth, John, and Buck, and none are smoking. Presumably, it was someone offscreen smoking too close to the camera (similar to a mistake in 1978's "Halloween"). (00:26:05)

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Olivia: Now I've got two sons working nights in a saloon.

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The Premonition - S9-E5

Trivia: When Jason and John-Boy are at the French restaurant John-Boy suggests Vichyssoise soup, but Jason tells his brother he's not a fan of that soup. In 8x10 "The Silver Wings," Serena worked on getting the cooking merit badge, and during the meal (which Corabeth helped plan) Serena served Vichyssoise soup, and Jason's facial expression when he tastes it helps explain why he is not a big fan.

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