The Incredible Hulk

Trivia: Ted Cassidy, best known for his role as Lurch in the hit TV series "The Addams Family", did the opening narration for the show as well as the vocal effects for the Hulk. Sadly, Ted Cassidy died during production of Season 2. The Hulk's vocal effects were then done by actor Charles Napier for the rest of the show. Ted Cassidy's voice was still used for the opening narrations of all seasons.

Trivia: Arnold Schwarzenegger auditioned for the role of the Incredible Hulk, but was turned down because the producers felt he wasn't tall enough.

Trivia: Executive Producer Kenneth Johnson wanted to have the Hulk's skin color be red instead of green. His explanation was that red represented anger and green represented jealousy. When telling Stan Lee, creator of the Incredible Hulk about this, Stan Lee said that the Hulk's skin color was green and had to stay green.

Trivia: The make-up process used to transform Lou Ferrigno into The Incredible Hulk took three hours.

Trivia: Bill Bixby refused to let his son watch the show as he was concerned his son would be scared seeing his father change into a green creature.

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