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Dallas picture

Trivia: This show was only planned to be a 5-episode miniseries.

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The Incredible Hulk picture

Trivia: Arnold Schwarzenegger auditioned for the role of the Incredible Hulk, but was turned down because the producers felt he wasn't tall enough.

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Battlestar Galactica picture

Trivia: The pilot crests (worn by Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict, among others) on their collars were actually U.S. Army Military Intelligence Class A uniform crests.

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Grange Hill picture

Season 5 generally

Trivia: Future supermodel Naomi Campbell appears throughout series 5 as an uncredited extra.

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Diff'rent Strokes picture

The Girls School - S1-E22

Trivia: Kimberly's school is the same school from the Facts of Life. It even has the same classmates and Kimberly shows up sometimes.

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Mork & Mindy picture

Trivia: Robin Williams improvised so much of his dialogue that the show's writers finally stopped writing his lines and just left blank space in the scripts with cues and prompts for him.

Cubs Fan
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Blake's 7 picture

Blake - S4-E13

Trivia: It's not every day you can shoot your wife in front of millions of witnesses and get away with it. Klyn, the woman behind the console who sounds the alarm before Avon shoots her, was played by Paul Darrow's real-life wife, Janet Lees Price.

Jean G
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Taxi picture

Louie's Mother - S3-E14

Trivia: The role of Louie's mother is played by Danny DeVito's real-life mother, Julia.

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WKRP in Cincinnati picture

Trivia: The show was videotaped instead of filmed because it was cheaper to obtain the rights to rock songs for a taped show.

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The All New Pink Panther Show picture

Pink Arcade / Life With Feather (pilot) / Pink S.W.A.T. - S1-E2

Trivia: Pink Arcade: When the Pink Panther carries the bowling bowl to the table, look behind him and you can see the back glasses of two pinball machines spell out the name "Yakutis" - a reference to the long-time DePatie-Freleng layout artist and story man Tom Yakutis.

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