IFight Shelby Marx - S2-E20

Revealing mistake: Carly, Sam and Shelby all corner Nevel in the ring. If you look in the corner where Shelby shows up, she's not in that corner until the light flashes on her.

Show generally

Revealing mistake: In "iSaved Your Life" after Sam shoots Spencer with her blowgun, she lands on the ground after jumping from the ceiling. During this shot, you can easily see that it is a stunt double.


IWant More Viewers - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: When the gang is "Messing with Lewbert" and they zoom in on his wart, you can easily see it is just makeup.

logan crews

Show generally

Revealing mistake: It's very obvious that Carly's grand-dad is a stunt double when he does a handstand in the record attempt episode.

quite big

Show generally

Revealing mistake: Season 1, episode 5 "iWanna Stay with Spencer": When Spencer turns on his iPod when talking to his Grandpa, you can see that the headphones are not plugged into the iPod.

Brad Premium member

Show generally

Revealing mistake: During the shot where Chuck flips Spencer in "iTwins", for a brief second you can see his face, which reveals that it's a stuntman as he is a different person.


IDream of Dance - S1-E3

Revealing mistake: When Carly's in her dream and attempts to use the elevator, if you look really closely, she doesn't actually hit the button that lights up.

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