ICook - S3-E2

Trivia: When Carly and the team are facing the professional Chef, Carly says, "Add the Peruvian Puff Peppers." This pepper is also mentioned in "Drake and Josh", but in "Drake and Josh" it was illegal in the United States.

Trivia: In the episode when Carly learns of Freddie's and Sam's kiss. In the beginning of the episode, Carly and Sam talk about how kids don't eat their vegetables, then take out some squash. Little known fact, squash is actually a fruit.

Trivia: In "iGo To Japan", when Carly, Sam and Freddie are trying to get into the awards show, there is a guard holding a signboard with various pictures and messages on it. One of the pictures is of executive producer Dan Schneider. (00:01:15)

Jeff Swanson

Trivia: In the episode where the one iCarly fan obsesses over the gang, she gives them presents. One of the presents given was the first season of "Girly Cow," a show watched on Zoey 101, another show created by Dan Schneider.

Trivia: At the beginning of the theme song, when Nathan Kress is saying "In 5, 4, 3, 2……", if you look at the bookmarks on the computer screen, you will see other websites used in other TeenNick shows.


Trivia: In "IPromote Techfoots", the shoe company that makes Techfoots is Daka. Daka is the same shoe company that used Drake's song in their commercial in "Drake And Josh Really Big Shrimp".

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Trivia: After Nora bites into the "Food Pocket" and burns her mouth, she walks upstairs saying "Jim Gaffigan was right!" Jim Gaffigan is a comedian known for making fun of Hot Pockets in his stand-up routines.

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Trivia: In the episode where the police investigate a guy selling pirated movies in the store across the street, the store is called the Schneiders, named for the creator of the show.

Jeffrey Depoalo

Trivia: In one episode, one girl runs up to Carly, Sam, and Freddie with a picture of their gym teacher at a concert. Freddie mentions that he has short shorts. That's because Freddie and the gym teacher are in the movie Gym Teacher: The Movie, and short shorts on the gym teacher is a part of the movie.


Trivia: In the episode with Harry Joiner, Spencer works at Schneider's Dental Association, which is obviously a reference to the creator, Dan Schnieder.

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Trivia: In "IStart a Fan War", there is an establishing shot of downtown Seattle about 10 minutes into the movie. It's an old shot; the Kingdome - which was imploded nearly 11 years ago - is visible in the background.

Jeff Swanson

Trivia: In the episode ISaw Him First, when he is at the hospital, it says Schneider's Hospital, yet another reference to Dan Schneider.


IMeet the First Lady - S5-E8

Trivia: When the first lady says "now I can finally finish that robot!" Dan Schneider makes his cameo when he walks up to her and tells her to not mention the robot.

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IWanna Stay with Spencer - S1-E5

Other mistake: The "Fan of Hammers" has all the hammers pointed the same way. But when the hammer goes into the wall, it goes in backwards. It is also there through all the rest of the shows and even in season two, where in "iKiss" it has a black handle. (00:02:35)


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Question: In iOMG, I have a few questions. One: When Carly and Gibby are using Spencer as a test subject for their science project, they start doing different things that Spencer freaks out about. I'm no expert, but it sounds like abuse to keep him hostage in a box, even starving him, and then destroy his food. Two: Since Sam kissed Freddie, are they going to be a couple, or does this episode continue? I heard the next one was the iCarly/Victorious crossover, but I'm not sure.


The I date Sam and Freddie proves that they are a couple.

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