Episode Title Mistakes
Season 4
22 Chuck Versus Agent X 0
23 Chuck Versus the Last Details 0
24 Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger 0
Season 5
Season 5 generally 0
1 Chuck Versus the Zoom 0
2 Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit 0
3 Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips 0
4 Chuck Versus the Business Trip 0
5 Chuck Versus the Hack Off 0
6 Chuck Versus the Curse 0
7 Chuck Versus the Santa Suit 0
8 Chuck Versus the Baby 0
9 Chuck Versus the Kept Man 0
10 Chuck Versus Bo 0
11 Chuck Versus the Bullet Train 0
12 Chuck Versus Sarah 0
13 Chuck Versus the Goodbye 0

Chuck Versus the Wookie - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When the DEA agent Carina is running on the beach, she is wearing a white undergarment under her short black dress. Moments later she pulls off the dress and we see that she is now wearing a black bikini. (00:25:59 - 00:26:25)

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Sarah Walker: Come any closer, I shoot.
John Casey: You shoot him, I shoot you, I leave both your bodies here and go out for a late night snack. I'm thinking maybe pancakes.

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