Psych (2006)

2 mistakes in Extradition: British Columbia

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Extradition: British Columbia - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: When Shawn flashes back to remember where he has seen Pierre Desperaux, he flashes on a photo of Pierre in Lassie's apartment next to Ernesto Chavez (on the right) on Lassie's wall. Going back to Season 3, Episode 11, when in Lassie's apartment, there is no photo next to Ernesto's photo. (00:03:20)


Extradition: British Columbia - S4-E1

Character mistake: When Shawn is checking Ed's book of valuables, the crown that Shawn thinks Despereaux will steal, has a listed value of "950,000 - 1,000,00,000 USD." I guess it's really, really(!) valuable, enough that a whole new numbering system was made up for it. (00:30:55)


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