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True Grits - S6-E15

Corrected entry: After Juliet and Lassie get hit by the truck and Carl Dozier gets taken out of the car, another pair of women's feet is seen trying to get out of the back seat.

Correction: Carl's girlfriend was in the car as well.

Sixty Five Million Years Off - S2-E2

Corrected entry: After Shawn and Gus laugh about Christopher Franzen, the murder victim, being an annoyance and while them and Chief Vick are in frame, you can see Henry in the back of the frame between Shawn and Gus's shoulders. After a flashback and when the camera zooms back out, he is nowhere to be found and does not actually walk in until about a minute later. (00:36:25)

Correction: A flashback is only how someone remembers an event and may be different than the actual way the event occurred.


Bounty Hunters! - S2-E9

Corrected entry: After Shawn expresses an interest in the bounty hunter, his dad tells him "You want to arrest somebody, you do it the right way. You do it with a badge. You got it?" Being a cop, he would know that bounty hunters do wear badges, and Kevin Sorbo is actually wearing one in the scene and throughout the episode.

Correction: Many cops don't view bounty hunters as legitimate. When he says badge, he means a police officer's badge, because he feels the bounty hunter's badge is just a sham.

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