Degrassi: The Next Generation
Movie Quote Quiz

Craig: Somethin' 'bout the way you shine / When the lights go out / I wanna make you mine / Somethin' 'bout the way it seems / You're always here in my dreams / When there's no-one there / No, I'm not scared / But I'm in love / With you.

Craig: Well, my freak of a dad left me this check for 10 grand in his will.
Ashley: Are you serious?
Craig: Yeah, the guy is half eaten by worms and he's still trying to buy me. Pathetic.

Dylan: What is this, hug the homo day?

Paige: A big romantic with a disposable income. The best kind.

Spinner: In the bathroom after we dumped that stuff on Rick, me and Jay... told him you were behind it.
Jimmy: And then he shot me.

Paige: What are you looking at?
Dean: Your eyes. Are they green or blue?
Paige: It depends on the light.
Dean: They are the most amazing colored eyes I've ever seen. You're very beautiful.

Bianca DeSousa: Highschool sucks. Spend time with people here who don't.

Craig: I'm fine.
Joey: No one is fine after losing someone. I wasn't there with your mom. I just think the pain's gonna catch up to you.

Terri: Why do you have to be so mean?
Paige: I'm not mean, I'm right.

Manny: Liberty sees an opportunity. She goes for it. She's like a rabid wolverine.

Marco: Ellie, I'm gay. And you and me.
Ellie: Will always just be friends.

Ellie: Guys suck, Ashley. They enjoy messing with our feelings - and then sticking us with the rent.

Sean Cameron: Poetry is crime. No idea how to rhyme. Stupid waste of time.
Ms. Laura Kwan: A poem about hating poetry?

Marco: OK, what did you write on the card?
Craig: Okkkk, you ARE a girl.

Alex: It's OK to be single for twenty minutes.

Mohammed: Hey it's the More of Everything Girl! I think you should join the sumo team. Seriously.
Terri: Hey! Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it.
Paige: No kidding.
Terri: I made 500 bucks today as a plus-sized model! Yeah, plus-sized! What do you make, ice cream boy?

Manny: Liberty's losing her math. It must be love.

Liberty: Some advice: Find a dictionary and look up "pathetic."

Spinner: I can't, man. My bat... it's wooden.
Jimmy: Sorry, my ears were plugged this morning. Sorry?
Spinner: I have a boner.
Jimmy: Oh.
Spinner: And it's been like this all week. A girl walks by and just, bam! It's all because of Emma's stupid science fair project.
Jimmy: What does the project have to do with it?
Spinner: She made me eat granola and fruit.
Jimmy: Bananas don't give you boners. Hormones do.
Spinner: All I know is that I ate some healthy food and now I'm like, a sex Superman.

JT: Hey Liberty, girlfriend.

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