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Ally McBeal picture

Georgia Thomas: Well, by all means let's hear your opinion, Richard.
Richard Fish: Simple. Men and women. Friction.
Georgia Thomas: That's it? Friction?
Richard Fish: Friction, friction, friction, orgasm. Fishism.

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Hannah Montana picture

Miley Stewart: I can't believe it. I'm going out with a ninth grader! Wooo!
Robby Ray Stewart: Well, don't believe it, because I'm not letting you go. Wooo!

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The Muppet Show picture

Kermit: And now a man who needs no introduction, so what am I doing out here?

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Chappelle's Show picture

Silky Johnston: Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm gonna go put water in Buck Nasty's Mama's dish.

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Degrassi: The Next Generation picture

Craig: Somethin' 'bout the way you shine / When the lights go out / I wanna make you mine / Somethin' 'bout the way it seems / You're always here in my dreams / When there's no-one there / No, I'm not scared / But I'm in love / With you.

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Instant Star picture

Jude Harrison: Meatless meatloaf?.. Isn't that just loaf?

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The Partridge Family picture

Christopher "Chris" Partridge #2: ...Here's my compass. It doesn't work, though. It always points in the same direction.

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Flight of the Conchords picture

Jemaine: There is only one kind of dance: the Robot.
Bret: And the Robo Boogie.
Jemaine: Oh, yes. Two kinds of dances.

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Beavis and Butt-Head picture

Butt-head: Is this Primus?

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Jem and the Holograms picture

Pizzazz: Why do you always think the worst of me?
Stormer: Don't answer that, Jem.

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Samurai Champloo picture

Kagetoki Kariya: This flower is an example of a beautiful exterior masking its true intentions. Intentions that are really quite brutal.

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Saturday Night Live picture

Marty Culp: Bobbi and I once faced the terrors of tripping on pot.

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Lazytown picture

Robbie Rotten: Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?
Trixie: Nuh uh.
Robbie Rotten: Would you like to?

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Monty Python's Flying Circus picture

The Ant, an Introduction - S1-E6

Kenny Lust: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the refreshment room here at Bletchley. My name is Kenny Lust and I'm your compère for tonight. You know, once in a while it is my pleasure, and my privilege, to welcome here at the refreshment room, some of the truly great international artists of our time. And tonight we have one such artist. Ladies and gentlemen, someone whom I've always personally admired, perhaps more deeply, more strongly, more abjectly than ever before. A man... Well, more than a man, a god, a great god, whose personality is so totally and utterly wonderful my feeble words of welcome sound wretchedly and pathetically inadequate. Someone whose boots I would gladly lick clean until holes wore through my tongue, a man who is so totally and utterly wonderful, that I would rather be sealed in a pit of my own filth than dare tread on the same stage with him! Ladies and gentlemen... The incomparably superior human being, Harry Fink!
Man: [from offstage.] He can't come!
Kenny Lust: Never mind, he's not all he's cracked up to be.

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The Monkees picture

Peter: Oh no, foot prints! Someone else is on this island.
Micky: Oh don't worry, those are ours, we don't have a larger set so we had to use the same one twice.

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Metalocalypse picture

Dr. Rockso: My video was banned from music television, cause you could see my junk... through my jumpsuit.

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